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My Family

Friday, 25 August 2017

The Rocket Wireless Singing Machine #Review

The Rocket Wireless Singing Machine

If you have a budding star in your household, then you're going to love our latest review. The Rocket Wireless Singing Machine from Character is a brand new hand held singing machine that's so easy to use, simple to connect and pretty awesome to sing with too.

Lily, my 10 year old daughter loves to sing and is always singing into her hairbrush but now she won't need to do that any more. The Rocket Wireless Singing Machine connects through Bluetooth to your mobile phone or tablet to play music through it's speakers. You can sing along with all your favourite songs or even just listen to the music through the speakers. The sound  quality is pretty good for a toy and the sounds really clear which is great. Lily's been singing along to some of her songs, we've heard plenty of Little Mix and a little Justin Beiber too. It's been a little noisy around here this week but it's all good though.

 There's just 3 buttons so it's really easy to use. The middle button is a press down button Power button for turning it on and off. The slider button on the left hand side is to turn the Mic on and off, you can choose to sing with the music or just hear the music on it's own. The slider button on the right hand side is for Echo control. There's a panel at the back where you insert 3 x AAA batteries, these don't come included so you will need to buy some separately. It's aimed at children aged 14 and over but Lily is 10 and has loved it all the same. For the price of just £29.99, I think it's a great buy. It's light weight and easy to hold and it's light up base is a pretty feature cool too. It has a headphone jack which is perfect for singing away to yourself or you could just use it as a standalone speaker which is great fun.

If you connect it to an Apple device like an iPad, you can use the Ask Siri option where you can ask it questions form up to 10 meters away. Another great feature to have a play with.

Lily loves using it for singing along to her favourite songs to and I love using it when I can get my hands on it as a speaker. I may even have a go at singing in it too one day when I can get some alone time, I'm a little too shy to sing in front of everyone but I do love a good sing along. The Rocket Wireless Singing Machine gets a huge thumbs up from all of us!

If you have a wanna be pop star in your house like my Lily, then there's a competition they can enter where they can win their very own Rocket Wireless Singing Machine plus other musical goodies. They just need to upload a video of them singing to be in with the chance.

If you want to enter, pop on over to and Good Luck.

Disclosure: We received our Rocket Wireless Singing Machine for free in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed with in are 100% honest and our own.

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