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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Teletubbies Shuffle and Giggle Tiddly Tubby #Review

Teletubbies Shuffle and Giggle Tiddly Tubby

Teletubbies have released some rather cute new toys in their Tiddly Tubby range from Character. We've been playing with their brand new Shuffle and Giggle Tiddly Tubby all week and have to say, isn't she adorable? She's super easy to use as you just press her back and watch her shuffle along and make cute giggling noises as she goes. She's made from super soft toweling plush with a cute textured face and features authentic Tiddly Tubbies styling and sound effects. She's aimed at much younger children than mine, aged 18 months and over which I think is a great age for her as she's very entertaining. My children are a little old for her so we've gifted her to a friend, after we'd finished playing with her of course. I think my Lily who's 10 would have quite happily kept her just for her cuteness but I thought she'd be more loved and played with, with a much younger owner.

The Shuffle and Giggle Tiddly Tubby is great fun for little crawlers as they can chase after her as she shuffles along. Her little giggle is rather infectious and very cute to listen too.

I can happily say that's she's not one of those annoying toys that will make noise and get on your nerves. She's a cute little toy that makes nice sounds and moves around without making too much noise. We've enjoyed playing with her and know she will be loved and enjoyed at her new home too. There's a little girl who's so excited to play with and love.

Disclosure: I received our Shuffle and Giggle Tiddly Tubby for free in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and all my own.

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