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My Family

Sunday, 6 August 2017

BABY Born Interactive Sister Doll #Review

BABY Born Interactive Sister Doll 

Today is National Sister Day so we're sharing our latest review of the BABY Born Interactive Sister Doll. Lily love all of the BABY Born dolls and has a few of the other dolls already. The BABY Born Interactive Sister doll is little bit special though as Lily herself is a sister of 2, she's the middle child, the big sister to a little brother and the little sister to an older sister. Being the middle child isn't always easy but Lily copes it with it really well.

BABY Born Interactive Sister is not your usual 'baby' doll. She's like BABY Born's Big Sister. She's very pretty and comes dressed in a sweet LOVE T shirt, jeans and trainers. With six life like functions and no need for batteries, she's so much fun to play and interact with. 

She has lovely long hair that you can brush and style. The little blonde-haired girl already brings one brush, three hair clips and two scrunchies along with her. She is able to stand on her own or can sit down by herself too because her joints are super flexible. She comes with her own bottle which lets her drink real water and then when you squeeze her right arm,   she can cry real tears. Being a hard bodied doll is great and means she can go swimming.

Lily loves her already. Even though she's a big sister doll, Lily's been enjoying being her big sister too. They've been playing hairdressers exploring in the garden today. Lily loves feeding her the bottle and then making her cry to see the tears but not in a sad way. She just likes making her cry so that she can comfort her with lots of hugs and kisses like a real Mum would. The BABY Born Interactive Sister doll comes with 2 super cute silver friendship bracelets, 1 for you and 1 for her. They're a lovely little added touch that young girls love.

She's been a huge hit since she arrived here in our house, not only does Lily love her but Ryan, Lily's younger brother has been joining in too. Being a big sister means looking after your little brother, even if that means letting him play with your new favourite doll sometimes.

The BABY Born Interactive Sister Doll is recommended for children aged 3 and over. Lily is 10 and loves her but you're never too old you play with dolls. I remember playing with my dolls at home right up until the age of 12 or 13. I think I still have some of them hidden away in the loft some where. Playing with dolls is all part of growing up and a fun one at that.

Lily loves her new doll and says she's one of her favourite dolls yet. You can check out all the BABY Born dolls at Zapf Creation where there's so many beautiful dolls to choose from.

Happy National Sister Day Everyone x

Disclosure: We received BABY Born Interactive Sister Doll in return for an honest review.

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