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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A First look inside Birmingham's Newly refurbished James Brindley Pub - The Canal House #TheSecretsOut

A First look inside Birmingham's Newly refurbished James Brindley Pub - The Canal House 

Last night I got an exclusive look inside Birmingham's newly refurbished James Brindley Pub on Bridge Street - The Canal House. They're bringing an exciting taste of history and heritage to our beautiful city. With over 60 ales, a handcrafted House Gin distilled right there on site, New World Wines and a wide selection of Cocktails pioneered with precision. This place is going to please so many people and that's just with their drinks menu's. I tried so many of their cocktails last night, each one unique and delicious and served with a twist.

There's way too many to tell you about them all so I've picked my favourite two:

The Narrowboat Iced Tea which is their twist on the Long Island Iced Tea. It's always my cocktail of choice where ever I go so I drink them a lot and I can say this one, was good!

The Aged After Death which was an interesting choice for me, It's a little mysterious as it's ingredients are 1 part Barrel House and 2 parts zombie juice and then garnished with fire.

 The Canal House also serves food and really tasty food at that. There's several sections to their Menu offering treats from The Grill or The Rotisserie or smaller treats like their Bread and Olives or Nibbles. They have their Famous Hanging Kebabs and a tasty selection of Grilled Flatbread Sandwiches too. The also do an impressive Deli Board where you get to choose 4 treats out of a huge section of 21 which is pretty impressive and really hard to do as everything sounds so great on there. My guest Kirsty went for the Deli Board and loved it.

I went for the Chicken with Garlic Hanging Kebab which was very tasty and well presented.

My highlights and must haves every time I go there from now on, are their Pork Cracking Nibbles which come beautifully presented and served with chopped chili and spring onion and served with homemade apple and fig ketchup - these were amazing! They're so light and fluffy and warm. I could have quite happily have just sat there munching on them.

Another 'Must Try' is their Baked Camembert Starter which is absolutely Delicious! 
Served with honey, fresh rosemary, skewered granary croutons which were toasted but soft and Braeburn apple wedges which sounded weird but actually tasted really great. This for me was yummy, Kirsty ordered it for herself but ended up having to share it with me, it was that good. You know something's good when you're upset it's all gone and you've scraped every last bit from the bottom of the dish, that's what happened here with this dish last night.

I had the Duck Rillette Starter served with fig chutney and baked granary toast which was lovely and very scrummy but the Camembert stole the show I'm afraid. I think I'm in Love.

The Canal House sure a beautiful addition to the Bridley Place's water edge. Step into Brindley's Residence and begin a journey of old meets new and relive stories of days gone by as The Canal House redefines the legacy of an 18th Century Icon in 21st Century fashion. I can see The Canal House being very popular in it's stunning setting with gorgeous large outdoor garden and balconies giving it's customers those perfect wow factor views.

I am so glad that I got to go see The Canal House in all it's glory for myself last night. It's a beautiful building in an even more beautiful surrounding. It serves beautifully crafted drinks and beautifully displayed food. I think what I'm trying to say, if you haven't guessed already is that The Canal House is beautiful and hopefully be filled and thrive with beautiful people.

The Canal House opens to the public on August 14th 2017. Please do go check it out.

Disclosure: I attended The Canal House Press Launch as a guest. This review is written under no obligation and is filled with opinions that are 100% honest and entirely mine.


  1. It is a lovely place and the food and drink selections are really outstanding I think.

    1. I have to agree Erica, it was such a beautiful place, one I will be returning too with friends real soon x