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My Family

Monday, 3 July 2017

Hot Wheels Spinnerz - Hot Wheels Join the Fidget Spinners Craze! #Review

Hot Wheels Spinnerz - Hot Wheels Join the 
Fidget Spinners Craze! 

This weekend, my not so little baby boy Ryan celebrated his 7th birthday and as a special birthday treat, he was sent a whole set of the brand new Hot Wheels Spinners from Bladez Toyz which will be hitting the shops here in the Uk later this month. He had asked for a new Fidget Spinner for his birthday as he had lost his first one somewhere in the house so when he opened this full set of Hot Wheels Spinners on his birthday he was absolutley delighted.

Ignore his big sister Lily in the background (she'd just woken up) but look at that cheeky grin on his face when he opened them up, I think he was very happy. He's been playing with them ever since he opened them. If he's not spinning one of them, he's lining them all up on the table or floor and spinning all three of them at the same time, he's having great fun.

The “hottest” Fidget Spinner craze needs a ”hot” licence!  You can collect these striking Hot Wheels themed fidget spinners with their ultra cool car designs and spin away! 

They are the ideal pocket money priced toy for all Hot Wheels fans or Fidget Spinner fans. There are three different designs to collect, Orange, Blue and Yellow, each sold separately. 

I have one very happy little boy, he absolutely loves his new Hot Wheels Spinnerz.

Disclosure: Ryan was sent his full set of Hot Wheels Spinnerz for his birthday. This review contains our opinions which are all our own and 100% honest.

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