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My Family

Friday, 30 June 2017

JoJo Bows are at The Entertainer #Review

 JoJo Bows are at The Entertainer 

JoJo Bows are now at The Entertainer and I for one am very happy about that as it makes being a parent living with a JoJo Bows fanatic so much easier as I love that shop.

My daughter Lily who's 10 is been taken over by the craze and is completely obsessed with these JoJo Bows, she wears one every single day. Every morning she spends more time picking out which bow to wear than she does getting dressed, she drives me crazy.

JoJo Bows come in several sizes and a whole variety of different colours and patterns. 

We already have several JoJo Bows but this week Lily was ecstatic when The Entertainer sent her some more to review. I think it's safe to say, they're her favourite review item ever!

JoJo Bows are this months latest playground’s must-have fashion accessories. Inspired by the look of Youtube superstar JoJo Siwa, they're a fun new accessory that my girl adores.

Lily loves to match her bows with her outfits, she's growing up right before my eyes.

She wears her big bows on the top of her pony tail when her hair is tied up so that it's not in the way for school but still looks pretty in her hair. She wears her smaller bows on the side of her head or at the end of her plaits too. Where ever she puts them, they always look great. Lily loves wearing her JoJo Bows as they make her feel pretty and girly.

Don't they look pretty?

 JoJo Bows are a little pricey for what they are but Lily loves them and they're a great way of getting her to do home chores to earn the money for them, she also bought some with her Birthday money too. JoJo Bows make Lily happy so who am I to argue with that. If they make her happy, then I am happy. These pretty little bows make my Lily very happy indeed.

Disclosure: We received our JoJo Bow samples in return for an honest review. All the photography and opinions used are 100% my own and all completely honest.

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