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Monday, 8 May 2017

The Spice Tailor - For when You want a Great tasting Curry in a Hurry #Review

The Spice Tailor - For when You want a
 Great tasting Curry in a Hurry.

Last night when I'd finished work and arrived home feeling really tired but also really hungry. I was tempted to grab my phone and order myself a nice easy curry from my favourite local restaurant but then I paused (literally with my phone in my hand) and remembered the Spice Tailor kit I had sitting on the kitchen side and decided to give it a try instead. 

The Spice Tailor is an amazing selection of ready to cook sauces, Chutnis and Naans to make the perfect curry yourself in the comfort of your own home. Created by Anjum Anand, the range is completely natural with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. 

I love an authentic curry but could never get that taste cooking one myself. My Mum is great at cooking curry but not me, sadly I didn't quite inherit that skill in the kitchen. My Mum used to stand over a hot stove for hours producing some of the most amazing food growing up.

Me, on the other hand. I'm a more cheap, cheerful and quick kinda cook. If it doesn't cook in half an hour then it isn't for me. I hold my hands up and admit, I'm way too lazy for that. 

With my Spice Tailor 'Delicate Korma Curry' kit, bag of frozen chicken (yes I buy that stuff) and garlic naan I set out to create my delicious curry in the shortest time possible. It was so simple and easy. You follow the step by step instructions on the inside of the wrapper:

First: Add a drop of oil into a pan and throw in the chicken. Proper chicken breast is recommended but if you're lazy like me then the pre-cooked frozen stuff works well too.

Next, stir in the base sauce and cook for a few minutes. Whilst this is cooking, throw the naan bread into the oven to cook at the same time so it will all be ready to eat together.

Next: Add the spice mix into the pan and stir. Last but not least: Add the curry sauce and cook for around 6 minutes until all the chicken is cooked or in my case, warmed through.
Once cooked, cut a nice chunk of naan bread and pour curry on top and serve. 

The results: The curry was amazing, I couldn't believe I'd cooked it all by myself in just 15 minutes.Yes, I know I had a little help by using the kt but I did do all the cooking part myself. For a quick and easy after work meal, I was pretty impressed. OK, really impressed. So impressed in fact that I must get some more of these for my next after work hunger emergency. Any curry that can be thrown together and cooked so quickly yet taste so good is worth doing more often. Maybe next time I might even use some fresh chicken breasts too. Either way though, I don't think it really matters what meat you add to it, it still turns out great. I'm now very excited for my next Spice Tailor meal, maybe the Original Tikka Masala.

If you love a good curry like me then I'd happily recommend trying The Spice Tailor sauces. 

They're really tasty, so easy and well worth the cooking time.

Disclosure: I received my Tailor Spice samples in return for an honest review.

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