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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Disney Crossy Road - You'll Wanna Collect them All #Review

Disney Crossy Road - You'll Wanna Collect them All 

Based on characters from the hugely popular game Crossy Road, Character Options now bring you cute plush toys and over 40 pixelated mini figures to collect, swap and play with. 

 Each character comes with its own rarity status ranging from rare, epic, secret, legendary and limited edition! The are 40+ characters to collect including Mickey and all his friends, Toy Story, Big Hero 6 and Lion King, meaning your child will have great fun hunting for their next character. These Classic characters are at the centre of both parents and children’s hearts making them a great toy to collect and great fun for all the family. I really love them!

We were lucky enough to receive this amazing Crossy Road package yesterday, the kids were very excited. I'd never heard of Crossy Road before but once they'd seen them, they were telling me all about it and how great it is and how they love anything pixelated really.

Inside our box was a rather cute Woody Plush Figure (£9.99) a Mini Figure 4 Pack (£9.99) and 2 exciting Mystery figures boxes (2.99 each). Out of all the toys it was the mystery boxes that the kids were most excited about. I think it's the whole surprise element that makes them so much fun. The enjoyment they get from opening them up is incredible.

Inside our two mystery boxes we found a Secret Jessie figure and a Classic Goofy. We also got a Buzz Light Year, Woody, Donald Duck and Simba too. They're very bright and cute and all come with their own little stands to stand them up making them the perfect collectable. Both Lily and Ryan have enjoyed playing with them. I'm sure I saw them playing Musical Bumps with them last night which was lovely to watch. I think the figures are very enjoyable to collect and play with as they're all characters that they already know and love.

Here's our current Crossy Road collection. What will you collect first?

 Crossy Road are available to purchase at: Tesco, Asda, Toys R Us, Smyths and Argos.

Disclosure: We received our Crossy Road toys in return for an honest review.

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