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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Want hand baked cakes, made just for you in Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield?

Want hand baked cakes, made just for you in Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield?

It was my birthday yesterday, I'm now a totally grown up 35! 

I wasn't going to have a birthday cake this year as I'm bored of the average supermarket store bought cake as they're pretty much all the same underneath a differently decorated top. I don't cake that often but when I do like some, it's got to be good. I don't want no dry cupcakes or no soggy bottoms. I want fluffy cupcakes with sweet tasting frosting!

This is where Togri Bakery comes in, Togri Bakery is a small local run bakery that produces the most delicious cakes. Run by a gentleman named Tom Grimmett, who's on a mission to bring the joy and taste of home-baked cakes to you, at a time and date that suits you too.

Togri Bakery make a wide variety of cakes, from Loaf Cakes to Cupcakes, Tray Bakes to Round Cakes. There's something to suit every taste. Each cake is made with locally sourced ingredients and made with real love and care. There's so many wonderful flavours to choose from, the toughest choice was picking just one. I choose the pretty Strawberry Sweetness Cupcakes which are sold in batches of 4, 8 or 12 depending on how many you would like. Orders are only needed up to 3 days in advance which is pretty good really as lots of bakeries and companies often require a much longer notice period before hand.

The Strawberry Sweetness Cupcakes are a light, fluffy sponge, infused with sugar syrup and topped with strawberry buttercream. I had added Pink Sugar Sprinkles on the top of mine to give them an extra girly touch which I thought was very pretty. Now that you know how pretty they are, I bet you're wondering how good they taste? I'm happy to tell you that they taste even better than they look if that is at all possible, seeing as they look so good.

They're so light and fluffy and moist. They're sweet and delicious but not too sweet.

My boy Ryan who's 6 loves cupcakes but is always moaning about something or other and very rarely ever finishes a whole cake. He ate ALL of his cupcake! That in itself is the perfect recommendation as he's so fussy when it comes to his cake and he loved every bite.

Would we order from Togri Bakery again? Oh YES!

If you live in Birmingham or Sutton Coldfield you might want to check them out!

Disclosure: I received my cupcakes for free in return for an honest review.

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