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My Family

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Meet Kate: Our Chad Valley Caterpillar #Review

Meet Kate: Our Chad Valley Caterpillar 

Meet Kate, our Meet Kate: Our Chad Valley Caterpillar. She's our latest Chad Valley Play Panel toy for review. When I first saw her, I thought my 9 year old daughter Lily would love her but little did I know that when she arrived, ALL three of my children and myself included, absolutely loved her, She's just gorgeous! She's so bright and colourful and really pretty.

She's the cutest cuddle companion you could ever wish for. She's super soft and oh so fluffy but be warned, she is very long in size. She's so long that she actually reaches the whole length of my sofa so if you're limited on space, she might not be the best choice for you. 

On the other hand though, she's the perfect size to fit on the kids beds as she pretty much fills the whole length of that too. Because all three of the children want here, she's now on rotation where she spends each night in a different bed so they all get a cuddle with her.

 Kate, our  Chad Valley Caterpillar has settled in nicely. I love the way she brings out their creative side. They're forever finding new ways to play with her. She's been a train, a slide, a friend and sleeping pal. Seeing that she costs just £26.99, we think she's well worth it.

Disclosure: We received our Chad Valley Caterpillar for free for the purpose of this review but all the opinions expressed within it are 100& our own and honest.


  1. OMG it is huge - looks gorgeous :)

    1. Huge is good as it means there's more for us to cuddle :) x