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My Family

Monday, 27 February 2017

How we used REVL - The Ultimate Events App this Half Term #Review

How we used REVL - The Ultimate Events
 App this Half Term.

As most of you will know, last week was Half Term week for us here in Birmingham. 
Usually I would panic trying to organise lots of days out or fun things to do to keep the children entertained to avoid hearing those dreaded 'I'm Bored' words out of their mouths.

Our Half Term went surprisingly well I have to say but we did have a little help. We downloaded an app called the REVL app which is an events application which shows you everything that is on around you. It's really easy to use and totally free to download on both Android or Apple. It can give you tips on places to visit or show you what's on nearest to your home. There's so much on there, from Theatre shows to Cinema showings. We had a good look through and found two different events that I thought would be perfect for us.

Once you've downloaded the app you can set up a profile so the app knows where you are in order to locate and show you the events that are local to you. Being in Birmingham meant we had loads of options but I'm sure it's the same where ever you are in the country.

You can check out their news and take a general look at what's on or coming up. It gives you a nice wide search in case you're looking for an event not in your local area. It's great if you were planning a trip to London and maybe looking for things to do on your visit.

You can search for specific events of bands using keywords or you can search by interest or by what's near to you. I like the fact that you can search using which way is best for you.

One you have found an event, it then sends you to a ticketing partner where you can book. It's quick and easy and a great time saver. You can do everything all in one go.

I found two local events that I wanted. The first was tickets to our local Vue Cinema to see the new Lego Batman Movie. A great family day out with fun for the whole family. The kids loved the movie and I loved the few hours of peace and quiet whilst they all sat still.

Secondly I chose tickets for the Birmingham Royal Ballet to see Cinderella which was amazing. I love the Ballet so much, so this was the perfect show choice for me. Yes it technically wasn't a family outing but it was a great adults only treat that was well deserved, I think. Half Term was a a busy week as always and buzzes by in a blur but I am happy to say that with a little help from the REVL app we did have a great one this time around.

REVL is a great little app to show you what's on around your local area. We used it to find Cinema tickets and theatre tickets but you could use it to find so much more than that.

Find out what's happening near you this month using the REVL app. It's so easy!

Disclosure: We used the app to find our shows but we received complimentary tickets to our chosen events for the purpose of this review. The opinions expressed are all my own.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

We're Having a Party and You're All Invited! #PJMasksToys

We're Having a Party and You're All Invited! #PJMasksToys

I'm very excited to tell you that we've been chosen to be PJ Masks Twitter Party Hosts.

The Party will take place on Twitter on Wednesday March 1st at 4pm. 

Make sure you're following @UKMumsTV and myself @V82CHRIS on Twitter to join in and of course be sure to use the Hashtag #PJMasksToys in your tweets. There's going to be lots of prizes to be won every few minutes so don't miss out. It's going to be lots of fun!

We've been playing with some brand new PJ Masks Toys this week and are so excited to show them all too you. Since the toys arrived, Lily and Ryan have really taken to the show and now watch it every day. I think it's a new firm favourite with the two of them - result.

The PJ Masks Beanie Plushes include, Catboy, Owlette and Gekko. Each one costs £8.99 and are so cute, soft and cuddly too. Lily loves Owlette and Ryan loves Gekko and Catboy as you can see. They're nice sized toys that are perfect for free play and playing on the go. Ryan has taken his two new friends to bed every day with him since they arrived. He's so happy with them. The two of them are often running around the living room with them whilst they're flying or climbing walls on a rescue mission. I think it's safe to say, they're a hit!

The PJ Masks Dress Up Set - Gekko costs around £24.99 and comes in one size to fit ages 4 to 6 years. Ryan is 6 and fits him nicely but he is a little on the small size. The set contains the costume and the mask which are great fun for playing with at dress up time. Ryan has been trying it out for me and I have to say, he looks so adorable in it, doesn't he?

Next up we have the character and vehicle sets. Each character has their very own vehicle but they all have more than one seat so that the other two characters can ride along too. 

Cat Boy come with his Cat Car Vehicle, Owlette has a Owl Glider Vehicle and Gekko comes in his Gekko Mobile Vehicle. Each one costs £13.99 and is lots of fun to play with.

Last but not least we have the PJ Masks Figure Blind Bags. Each Bling Bag costs £2.49 and contains a secret figure from the show. There's 12 to collect and even rare Connor too. We got lots of different ones in our bags but the kids now want more to complete their collection.

All of the PJ Masks toys from Flair were launched in the shops at the start of February and there's an extra exclusive Deluxe Vehicle Set available in Argos. More toys will be added later in the year so do watch out for what's coming next, I know we're excited.

The PJ Masks Toys are great fun to play with and all really look like their on screen characters, the likeness is fantastic. They're great quality and made to last. Both Ryan and Lily love their new toys but if I had to make them choose just one of them, they would both choose the soft toys as they're just so cute and are great for playing or hugging.

Be sure to join us on party day and who knows, you might win some of these toys!

Meet Kate: Our Chad Valley Caterpillar #Review

Meet Kate: Our Chad Valley Caterpillar 

Meet Kate, our Meet Kate: Our Chad Valley Caterpillar. She's our latest Chad Valley Play Panel toy for review. When I first saw her, I thought my 9 year old daughter Lily would love her but little did I know that when she arrived, ALL three of my children and myself included, absolutely loved her, She's just gorgeous! She's so bright and colourful and really pretty.

She's the cutest cuddle companion you could ever wish for. She's super soft and oh so fluffy but be warned, she is very long in size. She's so long that she actually reaches the whole length of my sofa so if you're limited on space, she might not be the best choice for you. 

On the other hand though, she's the perfect size to fit on the kids beds as she pretty much fills the whole length of that too. Because all three of the children want here, she's now on rotation where she spends each night in a different bed so they all get a cuddle with her.

 Kate, our  Chad Valley Caterpillar has settled in nicely. I love the way she brings out their creative side. They're forever finding new ways to play with her. She's been a train, a slide, a friend and sleeping pal. Seeing that she costs just £26.99, we think she's well worth it.

Disclosure: We received our Chad Valley Caterpillar for free for the purpose of this review but all the opinions expressed within it are 100& our own and honest.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

An Easy way to Get Your Children to eat more Potatoes - Cypriot New Potatoes Wedges #CypriotNewPotatoes

An Easy way to Get Your Children to eat more Potatoes - Cypriot New Potatoes Wedges.

Getting my children to eat potatoes can be quite tricky in my house as it's the one thing they moan about eating a lot! I have one child who will only eat mash potato and another who will only eat roasters so today I tried something new with my bag of Cypriot New Potatoes.

These freshly harvested potatoes have delicate fluffy skins so only need a quick scrub. The packets recommends serving them boiled or steamed but I didn't cook mine either of those ways. I decided to try something different so I sliced them up into wedge like strips and popped them into our ActiFry machine and cooked them in a small amount of Coconut Oil.

Cooking the potaoes in the ActiFry is not only easy but it produces healthier chips and wedges too. The cooking time was around 35 minutes which was perfect really, as us busy mums don't want to be waiting around for too long when cooking at the end of a busy day. 

Wedges can be served up with practically anything. Tonight I served the children Fish Fingers, Potato Wedges and Beans and I'm happy to report that they all eat them all up.

I didn't add anything other than a little salt and vinegar to them and they tasted really good. Cypriot New Potatoes make great tasting wedges. The skin was lovely and crispy on the outside and fluffy and light on the inside. I'd never thought of using New Potatoes for making wedges before but I'm really glad that we did as they tasted really, really good.

I served my Potato Wedges with some Tikka Chicken breasts and Chilli sauce. 

I'd not tried the Tesco Cypriot New Potatoes before now but am very happy with them. They were really eat to cook with and even more delicious to eat. I can happily say that we will be buying them again in the near future. You know dinner has been a success when they ask if they can have them again next week. I enjoyed my Wedges and I think the kids did too!

Cypriot New Potatoes are available in Tesco stores nationwide.

This post is my Entry into the Foodies100 Cypriot New Potatoes Challenge

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Unleash your inner Animal with this exquisite House of Peperami scent. #PorcByPeperami

Unleash your inner Animal with this exquisite 
House of Peperami scent.

Valentine's Day is just one week away so love is in the air. Love is not the only thing in the air around here though as today I can smell a sexy splash of spicy sausage thanks to the quite delicious bottle of Porc by Peperami that I have in my hands. Porc by Peperami is  Peperami's very first fragrance for men. I must say I am so in love with the bottle itself, it's so funky and unique, nothing like all the other scent bottles you would see on the shelves.

Peperami invites you to unleash your inner animal this Valentine's Day with this exquisitely porky musk. It's sexy and seductive, Porc is a tantalising treat for the senses, perfectly encapsulating the very essence of meaty masculinity. As huge Peperami lovers, it's perfect!

The aftershave is being officially launched by Kirk Norcross at Blue Inc. Westfield Stratford on Wednesday 8th February. This irresistible AnimEau de Toilette pour Homme is available in stylish 50ml bottles with a luxurious golden lid shaped like a Peperami head, it's ace!

It's going to make the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

Disclosure: I received my sample bottle for free in return for this honest review.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Our Top 5 Places we Hope to Stay at in 2017.

Our Top 10 Places we Hope to Stay at 2017.

Last year as a family we enjoyed so many adventures visiting some of the places we all love most so this year, we're hoping that 2017 will be just as good for us, if not even better. 

This is our Top 10 Places we hope to stay at and enjoy this year:

Warner Brothers Studio London - As HUGE Harry Potter fans this is top of our list this year. What could be better than an up close and personal view into the real Harry Potter movie sets. I've only ever seen good things about this place but will have to be organised with this one as I've heard you do need to book quite far in advance to get the best times.

Drayton Manor Hotel Stay - In 2015 we were Drayton Manor Ambassadors and made the most of our Annual passes by visiting the park every few weeks. My three love Drayton Manor as it has rides and attractions to suit all three of their ages which are quite spread out. We've been so many times before but have never stayed over so that's something that I would love to do. The themed rooms would delight my little boy who is a huge Thomas fan and the chance to enjoy two full days in the park instead of one appeals to my older two.

Warwick Caste Knights Village Stay -  Any place that can combine the learning of History with fun has got to be worth a visit. A night in the Knights Village would be a wonderful experience and one which I would love to share with my family. We've only visited once in the past and would love to go again as there was so much that we didn't get to see on the first visit. The idea of sleeping in their unusual lodges just excites us all so much - eek!

Alton Towers Hotel - We've not been to Alton Towers as a family before so this is one for all of us. I think this one would need to be in the warmer Summer months so we could enjoy their Splash Landings Water fun outside in the sunshine. Hotel stays are always exciting but hotels withing theme parks are just out of this world as the fun really doesn't stop, ever!

Ragdale Hall - This is one is purely selfish and all about me but that's OK, right? Ragdale Hall is the one place that I have lusted after for many years now and dream about often. This one may be on the end of the list because my families days out and stays will always come first but if I won the Lottery then this this would be where I'd want to go. (swoons).

So, there we have it. Mummy Of 3 Diaries Top 5 Places we hope to stay at in 2017!

Where's on your list of places to stay at this year??

Friday, 3 February 2017

Crazy Claw - Check out Our Review & #Win Your own!

Crazy Claw - Check out Our Review & #Win Your own! 

Drumond Park’s new table top game brings the never forgotten thrills of the gaming arcade to youngsters aged 5 and up!  Crazy Claw (rrp £22.99, for 2-4 players) is a colourful, action packed game of boiling, bouncing balls and a grabbing claw, operated by each child in turn.

The game it's self is very bright and colourful and exciting looking. It's one of those games that you just want to play because it looks so cool. There are nine Crazy Balls inside the dome and each one has a picture card inside it. The aim of the game is to pick a crazy ball out in turns to see if you can find the three picture cards that match the ones on your game card. It's like a crazy game of pairs but with a fun arcade twist.It may sound really easy but it's not quite that simple as there are three of each coloured ball so they can get mixed up quite quickly meaning you might not grab the one you want. There's buttons around the base of the game which lets the other players flick and fire the balls inside all around making it much more difficult to grab the one that you want. It's really fun and exciting to play.

The Crazy Claw grabber is nice and easy to use and is the perfect size for little hands like my Ryan who's 6. We've played several times now and love grabbing for our picture cards. It's more a game of luck rather than a game of skill which is great as that's much more fun.

The game takes a little time to set up on the first occasion as you have lots of stickers to put on it but once they're all in place, it's just a case of putting it together every other time which doesn't take that long. The idea behind the game works very well and all of us here have loved playing the Crazy Claw game. One small thing that I found is that the younger players like Ryan found opening the Crazy balls quite hard to do. This may get easier in time as they're played with more or as he just gets used to how to press them in the middle better.

Crazy Claw is a nice family game for up to four players which is great fun to play. It's an easy game to follow with nice simple, straight forward rules that everyone can understand.

Here's where You can Win your own Crazy Claw game:

To enter: Simply use the Rafflecopter Form below to do so. You may do as many or as little of the entries as you like. It's completely up to you but the more you do, the more chances you have of winning. The competition will end on Sunday 26th February - Good Luck xo

Terms & Conditions: Open to the UK only. 1 Winner will be drawn at random from all the correctly made entries on Sunday 26th February and the contacted by the email used.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Our Perfect Way to Perk up Poorly Children. #VicksTricks

Our Perfect Way to Perk up Poorly Children.

Luckily for me, my children don't get poorly too often as they seem to have good strong immune systems inherited from their daddy but when they do, it can be quite a struggle. 
Spotting colds quickly is my best tip as prevention is much easier than cures. I can normally spot when they're extra quiet or a little flushed and red in colour to catch it nice and early.

We don't use medicines a lot in our house so that they will work when we need them most when we do need to use them. Liquid Paracetamol is a Mum's best friend when used properly but medicine is just the first step to quick and easy recovery from colds and illnesses. I find that wrapping up warm helps a lot, so on sick days we tend to bring our snuggest blankets down the stairs to snuggle under on the settee in front of the TV.

The TV might not be something we watch a lot in normal circumstances but when they're poorly with a cold it's the perfect tool to keep them sitting still for long enough to actually help them recover. I try to put some 'boring' programmes on in the hope that they might get bored and fall asleep which again is something that could help them to get better faster.

Food wise, I try to stick to plain foods like toast until their tummies are a bit stronger for normal foods washed down with a glass of Lemonade. I'm not sure why but ever since I was little my Mum would always give me Lemonade when I was poorly saying that the sugar in it would do me good. I guess I've just grown up believing that it work and now do it with my kids. It's weird how we pass things down through the family like that, isn't it? There's one thing I don't do that my Mum still swears by to this day for cold treatments. Hot lemon and Honey, she's always making me up a fresh batch when I don't feel too good, bless her.

For the times when they're feeling all stuffy and bunged up I find that the good old fashioned Vicks Vapour Rub comes out. I must admit I never really put it on their skin but I do put it onto something close to their beds like a soft toy or a spare blanket to help them sleep easier. It's not something we use very often but do find that it does help when we do use it.

My Top Tips for looking after a poorly child are:
  • Bring your snuggest blanket down stairs.
  • Snuggle up under it in front of the TV.
  • Bring your favourite toy or teddy to cuddly up to.
  • Eat lots of Toast and drink Lemonade.
  • Use Liquid Paracetamol by day and Vicks Vapour Rub by night.

This post is an entry for the #VicksTricks campaign.