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My Family

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Something's Got To Change so Today's The Day!

Something's Got To Change so Today's The Day! 

With each meal I find myself saying "I really shouldn't be eating this" but yet I eat it. With each glass of wine I drink, find myself saying "I really shouldn't be drinking this" yet I do. 

Every day I find myself saying "I'll start tomorrow - I'll change then" But tomorrow never comes so TODAY I am going to make a change. TODAY I am going to go into the kitchen and throw out all of the fizzy pop and the bottles of wine and the packets of sweets and I won't be buying any more of them from now on. Today's the day, Something's gotta change.

I've never really had a problem with my weight, I've always thought of myself as 'one of the lucky ones' as my weight was always pretty stable. I've weighed around 9 stone for the past 10 years give or take a few pounds but not any more. Upon standing on the scales last week I felt pretty disappointed in myself for the first time ever as I'd almost hit 10 stone.

I've always been a fussy eater or a lazy eater as most would call it. Working unsociable hours means I often grab something on the go meaning I eat a lot of fast food. This have never really effected me before but lately I've been drinking an awful lot of fizzy pop and drinking a fair bit of alcohol. That one glass of wine a night starts to add up.

I know if I'm completely honest with myself I cannot change the food I eat altogether a there's so much food I just won't eat or don't like but I am going to change everything that I can. I can swap the fizzy drinks for squash or water and I can cut out the wine at night. 

There are lots of small changes to my diet that I can make and I am going to try. Today I've made the decision to change and this time I am determined to try hard and succeed.

No more crisps or cakes when I'm hungry or 'bored' in the evenings and no more chocolate for breakfast. No more wine before bed and no more fizzy pop all day long. Summer is on it's way and this time, I will be ready for it. I will get rid of this extra stone of weight and I will feel good about myself in doing so. Today's the day I am going to do it. It all starts now!

I'll try and keep you updated with how I get on but until then - Wish me Luck x

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