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Monday, 14 November 2016

Smiggle Stocking Fillers / Gift Ideas for Christmas #Review

Smiggle Stocking Fillers / Gift Ideas for Christmas 

Smiggle is one of our favourite stores to visit in Birmingham as it's always so bright and fun inside. My daughter Lily loves Smiggle for the coolest stationary products for school. Last Christmas most of her friends at school got kitted out with Smiggle backpacks and pencil cases for Christmas so this year, I think Lily is hoping that it's her turn. We buy some of the smaller products throughout the year but seeing as it's Christmas we'll be splashing out on some of their bigger items. Smiggle has a huge variety of stationary items and fun stuff too. 

There's something to suit every budget and lots of choice for both boys and girls.

These are just a few of the weird and wonderful items they have on sale:

The Scented Party Pop Out Pencil Case is so pretty and has lots of super cool 'pop out' compartments to hide all the little things neatly away. It has 1 main compartment with built in pen slots & pop out functions: drawer with eraser, drawer with scissors, pencil sharpener drawer & sticky tape with cutter! It's brightly coloured with a cute woodland animal theme on the front and it's scented too! It will cost you £15 but it's got lots in it for your money. It would make a lovely little Christmas present for your stationary or Smiggle loving child.

The Magnetic Spinner is an old fashion game with am added fun Smiggle twist. You place the magnetic spinning top on the metal frame and move your hands to get moving. It's a little tricky to start off with but you soon get the hang of it. I had a toy like this when I was little which I loved so I'm quite excited that it's back and more fun to play with ever. It's available in pink or green and costs £8.50. I'm not sure how much the kids will get to play with it though as I seem to have become quite attached to it this week, it's fun! 

The Scented Nail Polish Eraser is a rather cute glamorous nail varnish shaped scented eraser! there are 3 different ones available: pink = strawberry, purple = grape and blue = mixed fruit. The Strawberry ones smells yummy although they're not for easing. At just £2 they make great little stocking fillers for even the fussiest of children. I know if I put these in Lily's stocking, she's be over the moon as she loves her novelty erasers and collects them.

Smiggle is full of fun this Christmas so why not pop over to their website or even pop into your local store to see what they have on offer. Who knows what goodies you might find.

Disclosure: I received my Smiggle samples in return for an honest review.

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