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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Perfect Teen Christmas Gift Idea - Spiral Curls Extra Long Styling Kit #Review

Perfect Teen Christmas Gift Idea - 
Spiral Curls Extra Long Styling Kit.

I am always struggling for ideas when it comes to my teen at Christmas. What do you buy a 13 year old girl? She loves make up but has so much of it. She loves styling her hair but has so many devices and contraptions already so what do you buy your 13 year old teen?

When I first heard about Curlformers last week, I just knew they'd be perfect for her as she's always curling her hair. She spends hours plaiting her hair to make it curly for school. It can be quite time consuming to do and even then, most nights she's left tossing and turning in bed from plaits which are too tight which can get really uncomfortable and disturb her sleep.

She was so excited when I gave her the Curlformers Spiral Curls Extra Long Styling Kit. We tried them out together but of course by that I meant: I used them to style her hair. 

We washed her hair as normal and then pulled the hook through the Curlerformer. You take a small section of hair and catch it on the hook near the roots. You then pull the hook with the hair on, back through the Curlerformers so that it comes back out the other side. It was shockingly really easy to do and was so quick. Chloe has got really long hair and I managed to do her whole head with all 40 of the Curlformers in just 15 minutes which was amazing!

For a first try I was pretty impressed with how easy they were to use. There's no messing about with these, you just hook the hair through and pull. Once they were all on we blow dried her hair for around 20 minutes until we thought most of the hair was dry and then removed the Curlformers one by one. They were a little hard to pull out at first but I got the hang of it after doing a few and then they were no problem, they just slid right off.

Some of her hair was still a little damp so some of the curls didn't take too well but all of the curls that had dried were perfect spirals. Each spiral curl was so soft and natural looking, Chloe was really impressed. For our first attempt, I think she was pretty happy with the outcome. She's now looking forward to showing all her friends at school her new curls.

The Styling Kit for Extra Long Spiral Curls Contains:
  • 40 Extra Long and Wide Curlformers
  • Luxury, Dark Silver, Satin Vanity Bag
  • 2 Styling Hooks
  • Application Instructions
Chloe and I are both really impressed with our Curlformers. They are so easy to use and produce such pretty curls. They don't get hot when you blow dry them and don't damage your hair from the heat either. We loved how simple yet effective they are. I did them for her this time but next time she's going to have a go at doing them all by herself which I don't think she'll have a problem with. If I can do it then I have no doubt that she can too.

If you have a hair mad teen like me, then I'd happily recommend the Curlformer Styling Kits. They're a great way to let children style their own hair without the worry about them getting burnt like she used to when she used her tongs or straighteners to curl her hair. The kits are beautifully packaged and contain every thing they need for beautiful curls making them the ideal gift this Christmas. I may even buy a set for my sister who'd love these too.

You can find out more about Curlformers online at Curlformers.Com.

Disclosure: We received our sample for free in return for an honest review.

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