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My Family

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Family Fun Time this week was in the form of a Pate Party - Castle MacLellan pate #Review

Family Fun Time this week was in the form of a Pate Party - Castle MacLellan pate review.

Family time can be anything from watching a movie to playing a board game. For us this week our family time was spent doing something a little bit different as we had a pate party. 

I love pate but don't have it too much throughout the year so I tend to go a little over board at Christmas time. If we're having Christmas Dinner Starters or Starters in general then I will always go for the pate option as I just love it so much. The other options are usually Prawn Cocktails or Soups which I'm not a fan of either so it's always got to be the pate for me.

I'd not heard of Castle MacLellan pate before so we were excited to try it. I must admit that when 5 pots of it arrived, I was over the moon and way too excited to get stuck in. I didn't want to buy too much fancy bread so I opted for a simple box of assorted crackers. Daddy, Chloe and I tried each of the pate's and have to say we did have a great time doing so.

There are five different pate's available to choose from: 
  • Chicken Liver Pate: A smooth, rich and creamy chicken liver pate enhanced with the sweetness of Scottish heather honey.
  • Orkney Crab and Scottish Smoked Salmon Terrine: A delicious dual layered Orkney crab terrine and Scottish Smoked Salmon terrine enriched with full fat soft cheese, crème fraiche and lemon juice.
  • Smoked Salmon Pate: This pate is a blend of smoked and poached salmon, enriched with cream, lemon juice and horseradish.
  • Oven Roasted Mushroom Pate: A rich, creamy, oven roasted mushroom pate made with full fat soft cheese and créme fraiche, and seasoned with a hint of garlic and thyme.
  • Rannoch Smoked Duck Pate: A deliciously smooth duck liver pate with pieces of Rannoch smoked duck, complimented with locally produced Bramley apple jelly and aromatic tarragon.

Each was very different and had it's own good and bad points. I don't like mushrooms that I skipped that one but Daddy however loved that one and chose that as his favourite out of the five. Chloe chose the duck pate as her favourite and almost ate the whole pot. My favourite had to be the chicken liver as that one was just so rich and delicious. There's a flavour for everyone and a texture to suit all too. Some were totally smooth whereas others were more chunky. I don't mind the difference in textures as I love both smooth and chunky.

We had lots of fun trying out all the delicious flavours of pate from Castle MacLellan. It was a tough job but someone had to do it. Nothing beats an evening of pate tasting in front of the TV with the family. It's almost my perfect night in, just minus the bubbly champagne.

Did I enjoy the pate? Yes, each one was unique and enjoyable but would I go out of my way to buy it instead of my usual supermarket brand? No, I don't think I would. Maybe I'm just a creature of habit or maybe I just prefer to grab it off the shelves as and when I pass by.

Overall, we had a lovely time trying them all out and did enjoy the tastes and flavours.

Disclosure: We received our pate samples for free in return for an honest review.

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