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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Chi Kitchen Birmingham's New Christmas Menu #Review

Chi Kitchen Birmingham's New Christmas Menu

Yesterday was a good day. A friend and I went along to Chi Kitchen Birmingham to check out their brand new Christmas Menu. You may remember I visited Chi Kitchen Birmingham before back in August for my Lunch for Two at Chi Kitchen Birmingham Review

I loved it so much the first time that I just had to go back again and see what was on their Christmas Menu. Last time I took my Mum with me (who loved it) but this time I took a friend of mine. It's always good to hear different people's thoughts to compare to my own, I think.

The Christmas Menu is a 3 course meal consisting of a Starter, Main with Accompaniment and a Dessert. You all get a complimentary glass of Mixed Berry Bellini with our without alcohol. There's a set price of £21.95 per person so it would be £ £43.90 for two.

Every table is brought a lovely bowl of Prawn Crackers with a Sweet Chilli and Soy Sauce Dip whilst you are browsing the menu. They're a pretty tasty was to start your meal.

I'd picked out beforehand what I would have choose from the menu if I'd had to choose and have to say that what I would have chose and what are enjoyed most are not the same.

There are 3 Starters to choose from: Chilli Prawns, Turkey Spring Rolls and Sweet Potato with Mixed Berry Mayonnaise. We got to try all three which was pretty amazing. From looking at the menu I would have choose the Turkey Spring Rolls but actually enjoyed the Sweet Potato the best. Don't get me wrong, everything tasted amazing and looked so good. 

The colours are so vibrant and the textures are delightful. The flavours are a real mix up, you get some sharp tastes but also some really subtle ones. The Chefs do an amazing job.

The Turkey Spring Rolls were delicious and packed full of Turkey which was great. On the side was a Sweet Chill dip which suited them perfectly. The Chilli Prawns looked really good, but as I don't eat prawns I got my friend to try them for me. She's not a huge prawn lover herself but really enjoyed them. She said the flavours were really nice and not too spicy seeing as they're made with chilli. The Sweet Potato was surprisingly my favourite starter out of the three. Usually I don't like sweet potato as it's too soft and I miss that crunch of a normal potato chip which is where these were spot on. The sweet potato was coated in a crisp light batter that didn't take away from the flavours but added an amazing texture.

Again there are 3 Mains to choose from: Turkey Insal, Salmon Teriyaki and Vegetable Nyonya Curry. Each one tasted delicious and looked so colourful. From the menu I would have chose the Turkey Insal as I often go for the white meat option but after tasting all three, the Vegetable Nyonya Curry came out on top for me. Both the Turkey and the Salmon were beautifully cooked. The turkey sauce was like a soy based sauce which was quite subtle, pairing really well with the turkey whereas the Salmon's sauce was much richer and stronger in flavour. I'm not a huge fan of Salmon and would never order it through choice if I'm honest but I did try a few mouthfuls and it was pretty tasty. Crispy on the outside but soft and flaky on the inside. The curry was beautiful in both colours and tastes. It was quite spicy but it was a nice spice. It didn't burn your mouth but gave the curry great depth to it.

There's a choice of two accompaniments: Egg Fried Rice with Snow Peas or Salt and Pepper Chips. The rice was light and fluffy and cooked to perfection. There was nice chunky sized pieces of egg in it so it was proper Egg Fried Rice. The Salt and Pepper Chips were again cooked really well and seasoned just right. I loved the chips and almost ate the whole bowl. I scooped a few spoonfuls of rice and chips onto my plate and covered them in the curry and was more than happy. I think I repeated that move a few more times as I was enjoying it so much. I loved both of the side dishes but if I did have to choose just one then I think I'd go for the Salt and Pepper Chips as they just had that flavour edge for me.

There are 2 Desserts to choose from: Walnut Chocolate Brownie with Clotted Cream and Custard and Apple Gyoza with Vanilla Ice Cream. When I looked at the menu, straight away I wanted the Chocolate Brownie. I always order the chocolate option no matter where I am.

The Walnut Chocolate Brownie was very smooth and practically melted in my mouth. The ice cream and custard gave you plenty of flavours to enjoy with it. It was decorated so nicely with a strawberry on one side and a raspberry on the other. The plate was further decorated with white chocolate sticks and white chocolate patterns too. It really was a pretty dessert.

I had no idea what to expect when I saw Apple Gyoza but I have to say they were amazing!
They were sweet little dumplings filled with warm apple slices. I've never tried anything quite like these before but have to say they really stole the show and were the highlight of my whole meal. That warm apple mixed with that sugary pastry and then with that ice cream. I was in total food heaven! I would go back again just for those alone, they're that good.

My friend and I had such a lovely time and felt so spoilt as all of the staff there were just lovely. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and really made us feel welcome throughout our visit. Hopefully I've converted another family member/friend into a Chi Kitchen fan.

As of Black Friday (Friday November 25th) Chi Kitchen Birmingham will be open a little later than usual as the Birmingham Bullring opens for it's later evenings for Christmas. Last orders will be taken at 9.15pm and then the restaurant will then close at 10pm most days.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Christmas meal for the purpose of this review.

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