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My Family

Monday, 31 October 2016

Lanzarote - A Different Kind of Easter Holiday.

Lanzarote - A Different Kind of Easter Holiday. 

Easter time is usually all about the chocolate for my family, but not this year! 

Earlier this year, way back in April we switched things up a little bit and decided to embark on a family adventure, leaving all the chocolate behind. It was my Mum's 65th Birthday so she requested that she celebrated it in the sunshine with ALL her family around her. 

After lots of deliberation, online research and family discussions, we finally decided upon Lanzarote which is generally well known for it's warmer weather all year round which is just what we were after. Our local high street Holiday shop helped us pick our hotel and pretty much sorted out the complete holiday package for us, which was quick and easy.

My children had never been on a plane before so this was officially the most adventurous thing we've ever done together as a family. I was really worried about it beforehand as I didn't know how they were going to react to flying and with a 4 hour flight, it was going to be a long one. Luckily, the children were so well behaved and really enjoyed the journey. 

My little man Ryan who's 6 had an amazing time. He was so excited and really loved travelling, I think he's going to make a great explorer one day. Just like his Mum and Dad!

Lanzarote in April is sunny but not very warm, it only reached 19 degrees on most days but with the strong winds that accompanied the sun every day, it never felt very warm at all. We even had a few days of rain unfortunately, but we tried not to let that ruin our holiday. If you're going to Lanzarote in March/April, I'd definatley bring your cardigans or jumpers.

I love the beach, that feeling of soft sand between your toes. The beaches of Lanzarote weren't the best if I'm honest. Most of the beaches were lava covered so they were mainly rock. We did find some 'man made' style beaches where wave blocks had been built out of huge boulders around quiet coves to keep waters calmer for families to enjoy the sea a little better but these were quite a walk from our hotel so we only visited it once. Our hotel itself was lovely: the food, entertainment, pools and staff were all lovely. We couldn't fault the hotel at all really but for me, it's never the hotel that makes the holiday. It's the company!

Although I didn't really like Lanzarote that much and I wouldn't personally want to return, I still had a wonderful holiday with my family and have so many wonderful memories to treasure from our time there. My Mum had an amazing birthday surrounded by her family, just as she's wanted which is the most important thing. Our first adventure may be our best adventure for now but now that we've had a taste of family travel and fun it can be, we're all set to do it all over again, only next time: Bigger and Better! We can't wait!

They got to experience so many 'firsts' which was fab. Their first time kayaking on an open ocean, their first time seeing real life palm trees and their first time swimming under water.

Lanzarote was very memorable but for personal family reasons. We as a family had an amazing adventure and will always remember that holiday with fondness. It was our first whole family holiday that we sure won't be forgetting about any time soon, that's for sure.

Now that I know my children can handle holidays abroad, the possibilities for our next adventure are endless. I have several places in mind on our Bucket List, Africa for a Animal Safari. Dubai for a Luxury break and Greece for a city of Culture. I want to take my children to see the 'real' world that they live in so they can experience it's wonders for themselves. There's so much to see, learn and experience. I want them to love their holiday adventures just as much as I do. I don't think I'm going to have much trouble convincing them.

Adventures can be anywhere with anyone but for us adventures are always something new.

I love a good beach holiday with a sea full of exotic fishes to encounter but I wouldn't mind trying something new like a desert holiday close to nature and animals. I'm sure whatever we decide to take on next, we've going to make the most of every moment possible. Children don't stay children for long sadly so I intend to make the most of them whilst they are. It won't be too long before they grow and set out on their own adventures!

This post is our entry in to the Trips100/Family Adventure Company blogger challenge.


  1. Its always special experiencing those firsts, but on holiday its even more amazing x

    1. Aw it was, we can't wait to try more things next time we go away x