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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Tonka Tough Mothers - Mission 1: Tonka Steel Range #Review

 Tonka Tough Mothers - Mission 1: Tonka Steel Range

I'm delighted to announce that Mummy Of 3 Diaries are now, Tonka Tough Mums. 

TONKA originated in 1947 in Mound, Minnesota originally created and manufactured by Mound Metalcraft (manufacturer of garden implements). For almost 70 years, TONKA trucks have been the undisputed kings of the sandbox. Built on the notion that “a toy shouldn’t break just because a child plays with it,” they’re strong, sturdy and long lasting. Back in the '70s, TONKA even had an elephant stand on one, just to prove their point.

Tonka’s Steel range is a long standing classic. Tonka Steel is the perfect way for kids to enter a whole world of construction play. These rough and ready vehicles are made from real steel and include a variety of cranes and trucks to choose from, plus chunky tyres mean going off road won’t be a problem. Best of all, they are guaranteed for life!

Over the next few months we're going to be testing out lots of exciting new toys from their toy range. Our first fun assignment is to test out two toys from their Tonka Steel range. 

My little man Ryan (6) is my main Tonka toy tester as he's most suitable for the job. 

First up we have the Tonka Classics Steel Quarry Dump Truck, perfect for carrying all those heavy loads. It's built to last and maneuver through the deepest of quarries. It's main features are it's Steel Construction Free-wheeling Truck Moveable bed which is perfect for dumping. Every little boy loves playing 'Builders' or at least my little boy does. If he's not filling his Dump Truck with toys, he's filling it with his foot as he scoots down my hallway. Ryan's played with this truck for weeks and has put it through some tough loving play. He's stood on it, thrown it, loaded it and pushed it. The truck is still standing and working well. It's a tough little truck that feels like it's made to last. Ryan loves playing with it in the garden.

Next up we have the Tonka Steel 4X4 T-Rex edition which is a tough off roader 4X4. Get ready for lots of non-stop adventures with the Tonka Steel T-Rex vehicle! Equipped with a tough, steel body and fully working suspension, you can imitate the same adventures any real-life Tonka T-Rex goes on! Ryan loves taking it out in the garden on 'Safari' adventures. It drives great on all surfaces; wooden floors, carpets, rugs, pavements and grass.

Both of the Tonka Steel toys are very well build and made to last a lifetime. They're nice and big for proper chunky play. Ryan loves playing with them, they're a great way to get his imagination flowing as he sets of on his crazy adventures around the house and outside.

We have just two of the Tonka Steel range but you could collect them all if you wanted to. I suppose the more you have, the greater the fun and the more interaction you will get.

Ryan loves both of his vehicles' and gives them a firm thumbs up for being fun to play with and tough enough to last even when he's played rough with them which is fantastic. The Tonka Steel toys are proper boys (or girls) toys as I'm sure some little girls would love them just as much as my little boy does. They're really good fun and look pretty cool too.

Tonka will be hitting Argos Online this month!

Disclosure: We received the our Tonka Steel samples for free but this review is written using our own opinions, photographs and thoughts which are 100% honest. 

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