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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Jamie’s Italian Birmingham & Their Super Lunch Menu #Review

Jamie’s Italian Birmingham & Their Super Lunch Menu.

Last week I had the pleasure of trying out the brand new Super Lunch Menu at the rather lovely Jamie's Italian Birmingham. Jamie's Italian is one of those places that I've always wanted to eat at but just never actually been. I'd pictured it as a really posh place where I'd feel a little uncomfortable or out of place but boy was I wrong. It's not like that at all!

I went along with my lovely friend Emma for a good old chat as it had been ages since we'd met up. Upon arrival I loved the fact that the restaurant was really open and spacious, a real open plan kind of layout with the kitchen area all on show. The staff were really friendly and ever so helpful to us. I observed member of staff at one point  carrying bags for some ladies which was lovely. From the moment we entered, we were well looked after even though the restaurant was fully packed out with an over flow of diners at the bar awaiting tables.

The Super Lunch Menu looked fab, there was plenty of choice and the price was really good. You could choose 2 courses for £10.95 or 3 courses for £12.95 but what I loved was that you didn't have to state which one you wanted at the start, the choice was left open to see whether you fancied adding the desert option after you'd enjoyed your starter and main.

There's a nice choice of drinks, they have everything from wine to cocktails to champagne or jugs of water. We went for some lovely cocktails seeing as it was a one off lunch date but we did get a jug of water too to accompany our meal later on.

For Starters, we both choose the Silky Pate Bruschetta which was amazing! Emma and I agreed that we both love pate and always tend to go for the pate option when we eat out. I loved the fact that it came all in one piece, the bruschetta came ready with the pate on. There's no messing or fiddling about trying to spread your pate on top as it's already done for you which was fab. The Italian chicken-liver pâté, pancetta, vin santo & Parmesan was so good! The pate was so light and fluffy yet had so much flavour, I really enjoyed every bite. Not only did it look amazing on the plate but it tasted just as good as it looked.

For Mains, Emma chose the Penne Alla Norma which is a freshly made pasta dish with a spicy Sicilian tomato, aubergine & leccino olive sauce, finished with Bella Lodi & baby basil. She loved the pasta and commented on how well cooked it was. She loved the flavours and said that the bowl size was really good too as it wasn't too small or too big either. Emma really enjoyed her dish and felt happy eating it knowing she'd gone for a 'healthier' option filled with fresh vegetables which was packed with goodness and flavours.

I, on the other hand went for the Italian Steak & Fries which consisted of a beautifully marinated skirt steak which had been flash-grilled & then served with garlic butter, aged Parmesan, slaw & fries. This one does come with a £3 supplement fee on top but it is so worth it. The portion size was really big, my steak was delicious and that bucket of fries was plentiful and great too. I didn't manage to finish all of my main as there was plenty of it but I really enjoyed what I did eat. The steak was cooked Medium Rare which was a little pink for me but I still enjoyed a good two thirds of it which is amazing as normally I wouldn't eat my steak like that. The steak was cooked as it should have been, it was juicy yet firm. I did add a side of mayonnaise as I like a bit of sauce with my steak but that's just me. Overall it was delicious, the fries were really tasty with a bit of sea salt added to the top of them.

Last but not least came Desert. Emma was feeling a little too full but I soldiered on and went for the Epic Brownie. It was a tough job but somebody had to do it and take one for the team. The Epic Brownie looked so good, I could see lots of them around the room so I guessed that it was one of their more popular dessert choices. It came out looking all gorgeous with it's grand tower design on a plate. Served with proper chocolate sauce, salted caramel ice cream & caramelised popcorn - Eek! I was in dessert heaven, it had everything that I loved all on one plate and I really enjoyed every spoon full.

Emma and I had a wonderful afternoon at Jamie's Italian Birmingham and would definatley go back again. The Super Lunch really is super! You get a great meal and great service for the price so yes, I would happily recommend it to all my friends and family. If you've ever wanted to visit your local Jamie's Italian, the now's the time to do it. The Super Lunch Menu has lots of choice with a really low price. It is very popular so restaurants may get busy so maybe think about booking in ahead like we did to ensure you get a table at the time you want. Emma and I loved our food, our drinks and the whole atmosphere really.

Disclosure: I was invited to dine at Jamie's Italian Birmingham to try out their Super Lunch Menu for free but all the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and mine.

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