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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Blackpool Tower - 1 Tower, 5 Merlin Adventures #Review #MerlinAP

Blackpool Tower - 1 Tower, 5 Merlin Adventures 

I've visited Blackpool so many times in my lifetime but never before had I done so much in so little time. Who new there was so much more to Blackpool Tower than meets the eye. 

A few weeks ago we went to Blackpool for on an over night trip for a family Merlin Annual Pass adventure. Our Merlin Annual Passes gave us entry to Seven different attractions so we headed to Blackpool to enjoy them all and boy did we just. We had a great time! 

5 of the Merlin attractions are all hidden within the iconic Blackpool Tower. At the base of the Tower you will find the Blackpool Tower Dungeons which are super scary but also fun. 

From the moment you enter, you're instantly taken back in time to the time of the Plague. Where women were hung for being witches, Men were tortured in the torture chambers and smugglers made their money underground. Cameras are not permitted to be used inside so I can only show you the outside but in a way, that's a good thing so I don't ruin the surprises.

Each tour and show lasts about an hour. You are guided through the zones in small groups with experienced actors. Unsuspecting members of the group were called upon throughout our tour including myself which was pretty scary. I was made to sit in the torture chair and strapped to it before being tortured behind a curtain. Obviously I wasn't actually hurt but the audience were made to believe that I was, reducing my poor 9 year old daughter to tears. In another zone Daddy was made to stand trial for Sheep Stealing which was fun to watch. My younger two were scared nearly all the way through and clung to me as it was very dark. The actors did an amazing job and were very convincing. I must warn you that there are lots of adult innuendos used so if you're easily offended then this isn't for you. Even though my daughter was pretty much terrified the whole way through, I really enjoyed the experience and would definatley go again (Just maybe without the children). 

Entry to The Blackpool Tower Dungeons is charged at a fee. Adults £16.50 Children: £13.50

The Dungeons were really fun but if they're a little scary for you then maybe The Blackpool Tower Circus is more up your street. We loved the Circus, the show was spectacular! 

They're currently celebrating their 25th Silver Anniversary. The main characters: Mooky and Mr Boo are delightful and very funny. Again no photographs of the show were allowed so I only have one photograph of before the show started to give you an idea of how grand it looks inside. The show is filled with jaw-dropping stunts and comedy capers in what can only be described as the must-see show of the season. Mooky and Mr. Boo deliver belly-laughs aplenty with their hilarious slapstick antics teamed with edge of your seat death defying stunts from top class acts all over the world. All five of us loved the show so much.

Entry to The Blackpool Tower Circus is charged at a fee. Adults: £16.50 Children: £13.50.

For the younger children in the group, you can have a play in the Jungle Jim's Children’s Indoor Play area. With it's 'Lost City' theme, children under 4ft 9" can become brave explorers with the fun-tastic range of swinging, sliding and climbing contraptions. The main ones include the huge four lane Glide Slide, a Black Slide and several Ball pools. There's also a smaller area for smaller children and toddlers which is just as fun for little ones.

We popped for a quick play as it was raining outside and Mummy and Daddy were in need of a comfy seat and a coffee. Jungle Jim's was great for a quick rest as the kids could go off and play for a while leaving us adults to enjoy a nice hot drink in peace. The play area was a good size so there was pretty of room to play. The slides looked like great fun and there was a great theme all around it. The kids had a fun half hour or so of play, so I was happy.

Entry to Jungle Jim's is charged at a fee of £6.50 per child and £3 per toddler.

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom was somewhere I'd always wanted to visit ever since I saw the Strictly Come Dancing Tower Ballroom specials. It's always looked so majestic and magical but sadly we didn't get a chance to go inside as it wasn't open to the public on the days we had visited. Please so check their website before visiting to avoid disappointment if you do wish to see inside. Dating back to 1894, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is world famous for its unique sprung dance floor and spectacular architecture and remains to this day a destination for dance fans from across the globe.

You can dance the day away to the sounds of the famous Wurlitzer organ amidst this stunning setting, or watch from the side lines as you enjoy a delicious afternoon tea. Whether you want to glide around the dance floor, relax at your table or spectate from up on the balconies, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is an experience you will never forget.

Entry to The Blackpool Tower Ballroom balconies is charged at a fee of £2.95 per person.

Last but not least is the The Blackpool Tower Eye and 4D Cinema Experience. Enjoy the 4D Cinema experience where you get to enjoy a 15 minute show of all the Blackpool sites. The cinema experience was really good, we were squirted several times with water, covered in pretty bubbles and knocked around on our vibrating stands. All of us really enjoyed the show, the music and 4D effects were spectacular. Once we'd enjoyed the show we then  took a trip in the lift 380ft into the sky to the top of The Blackpool Tower to experience the thrilling SkyWalk which is a glass floor looking down on the world. Walk out if you dare onto the five centimetre thick glass viewing platform, where you can look out into the Irish Sea and see the famous Blackpool Promenade below you. My kids were totally fearless and loved walking around on it and even lying down on it at one point too. Me on the other hand was a little more cautious stepping out using the metal beams but I did it and that's all that matters. My kids loved being able to see through the floor, they didn't want to get off it.

The views from the top were stunning, you could see for miles and miles.

Entry to The Blackpool Tower Eye is charged at a fee. Adults: £13.50 Children: £10.50.

I have listed all the 'on the day prices' for anyone who doesn't not have a Merlin Annual Pass. With the passes all of the above attractions are 100% free to enjoy all year round.

We all had our own favourite parts of the Blackpool Tower. Lily (9) loved the Circus the best as she loved all the pretty acrobatics and their outfits in the show. Ryan (6) loved the Tower Eye as he really enjoyed the Sky Walk. Chloe (13) loved the Dungeons like Daddy and I did as this was the best. The whole experience was utterly terrifying but so much fun as well.

We had a great time using our Merlin Annual Passes in the Blackpool Tower. There really was so much to do and see and one day we hope to go back and do them all over again.

Disclosure: We are Merlin Annual Pass Ambassadors 2016. This post is written is association with this but we paid for our own B&B for this trip and enjoyed every moment.

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