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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Aquabeads Super Mario Playset #Review

Aquabeads Super Mario Playset Review

Aquabeads are always great fun tom play wit but this week we've been playing with their super cool Super Mario Playset. I grew up playing Super Mario and still love the characters today. Princess Peach was always my favourite but Mario and Luigi were always cool too.

When I heard Aquabeads were making a Super Mario Playset I just had to have a go making my very own Aquabeads characters. Aquabeads are really easy to use and make great results. We've played with Aquabeads many times before and still love them.

Inside the box you will find a clever carry case with everything you'll need tucked away safely inside: 4 Template sheets, Over 900 beads and jewels and a water squirt tool. Suitable for children ages 4 years and up, it makes a great 'hand, eye co-ordination' practice toy. All three of my children love Aquabeads and enjoy making their favourite characters with them. 

You simply follow the templates by putting the right coloured beads in the right places. Once you've finished your character you then spray it with water and leave it to dry. It's really that simple and once they're dry you get to keep them, play with them or even collect them.

Lily (9) made Princess Peach and Ryan (6) made Luigi. Both turned out really well.

You can make lots of different characters or even have a go at going free hand and making something else. There's no restrictions on what you can make, the possibilities are endless.

We love playing and creating with Aquabeads, it's actually quite relaxing and calming. Aquabeads are a great way of getting your children to concentrate for longer periods of time whilst having fun too. They'd never know they were improving their fine motor skills.

We love Aquabeads here in the Mummy Of 3 household and this new Super Mario Playset is no different as we love it too. It's a great nostalgic set full of cute. lovable characters.

Disclosure: We received our Aquabeads sample for free in return for our review but this review is 100% honest and written using my own words, thoughts and opinions.

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  1. These look fab. Great fun and lots of fun characters x