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Monday, 1 August 2016

Shibajuku Girls - Yoko. See what Lily thought in our #Review

Shibajuku Girls - Yoko. See what Lily thought.

Meet Yoko, the brand new fashion doll with a difference. Yoko is just one of the five brand new Shibajuku Girls Fashion Dolls. She's dressed in the latest Harajuku fashions and is totally on trend with her pretty pink and purple coloured hair and quirky accessories to match. Yoko has her own unique style and personality, she's all about being cool in a different way. She's is a big fan of rocking mysterious colours with style, and being her own person! She is also really into music of all kinds, but she likes the electric guitar best. 

Someone else I know who's also into rocking out in bright colours is my Lily. So when Yoko came to stay, I just knew these two were going to hit if off instantly - and they did.

The new Shibajuku Girls are fully poseable fashion dolls that are really quite stunning. They have beautiful glass eyes and real lashes which really stand out making them quite unique. Each doll comes with 4 cute hair accessories to share. Yoko comes with 4 really pretty hair clips which can be worn in her hair or your own. Lily loves hair clips so she was really excited about being able to share them with her new fashion friend. The clips are nice and big, they are proper hair clip size for young girls to wear in their own hair, not tiny doll sized clips which can't be seen. Lily loves being able to wear matching clips with her friend.

All the Shibajuku dolls are really pretty and each one has it's own unique style, hair and outfit to suit it's character. Yoko is just one of the collection but Lily is so pleased with the one she got as she really loves Yoko's bright pink and purple hair. Lily now wants matching hair colour but I'm afraid she's have to wait a few more years before I'd ever allow that.

Lily loves Yoko's outfit. The pretty two piece top and skirt with added chain and mega cute cat detailed socks are just adorable. Her body is fully poseable which is great as you can bend her into almost any position you want. She can sit, stand (with help) and all sorts. Lily is over the moon with her new doll and loves playing hair dressers with her. They are forever swapping hair clips and having matching hair styles (apart from the colour of course).

The new Shibajuku Girls Fashion Dolls are available now from Smyths Toy Stores.

Disclosure: We received out Yoko Doll for free for the purpose of this review but all the opinions expressed within it are 100% honest and entirely our own.

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