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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Finding Dory event at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham #Review

Finding Dory event at The 
National Sea Life Centre Birmingham.

We've just got home from a lovely day out at our local Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. We were a little late to join the party but better late than never, I say. The Birmingham Sea Life Centre are hosting an exciting Finding Dory Summer event from July 16th to September 11th so there's still plenty of time for you to squeeze in a last minute visit to check it out.

We love our days out at the Sea Life Centre Birmingham as it's home to our beloved Penguin friends who never fail to entertain us and make us smile. They're always so full of fun and silliness which is what makes us love them so much, they're amazing to watch.

Today we went along with some friends to see if we could find Dory and her friends hiding around the centre. Not only did we have a Finding Dory letter hunt to complete but we also had our usual stamp trail activity to do too so there was lots to keep the children busy and entertained as we walked around. It was a little busy today so we did have to wait at each stamp station but it wasn't too bad. The children waited nicely and all took their turns.

There were  Finding Dory signs hidden in the tanks throughout the centre. Each one had a riddle on it to work out which Dory friend it was talking about and a letter for you to jot down onto your pad. It was great fun hunting them all down, the kids loved looking for them. Once you had found all 6 of the signs you mixed up the letters you had found to make up a word. I won't tell you what the word is so you can have fun finding out for yourselves when you go. 

Finding Dory and her friends was fun but getting a medal as a reward for finding them all was even more fun. The kids loved their medals, they were all very happy children. We had lots of fun today finding Dory and getting our picture taken in her pop up stand which you can see below. We got to see lots of funny looking fishes,crawled into several peek a boo hiding spots and even went under a running water fall which was great fun. The Sea Life Centre is always a pleasure to visit as my children love their Penguin friends and the 4D cinemas shows which you get to see too. Today we watched an Octanaughts show which all the children really enjoyed. They love watching the 15 minute feature film which involves bubbles, flashing lights, being squirted with water and vibrating seats.

We've had a wonderful day today Finding Dory with friends and really enjoyed our visit. The events change every few months to keep your visits exciting so if Finding Dory is something your children love then why not pop along and check out all the fun for yourself. It won't last for long, there's just over 3 weeks left of this event so be quick if you don't wanna miss out.

Disclosure: We were invited along to check out the Finding Dory event for free but this review is written using my own personal opinions which are 100% honest and mine.

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