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My Family

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Day We Shared a Little slice of Chocolate Heaven!

The Day We Shared a Little slice of Chocolate Heaven!

It all started last week when I read an email from Lindt asking 'would you like some chocolate?'. Well, it wasn't quite worded like that but it generally meant the same thing in my language. So obviously I jumped at the chance and excitedly replied 'Yes Please'.

Just a few days later a huge box arrived on my doorstep. Inside was not one box but 6 boxes of Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection Chocolates 445g in each. I was amazed! I mean, I love chocolate but there was no way that I could (or would) be able to eat all those.
So, I decided to share! I set myself a chocolate sharing task to share as much chocolate love as possible. I started with my parents, as we visited last week we brought them a box to share. At first my Mum was like, 'Oooh they're too pretty to eat' so she put them away. Worry not though she did ring me last night just to tell me how good they were so I count that one as a success. They loved them and really enjoyed sharing them together - yay!

Next up was my neighbours. I popped around a few days ago and handed them a box. Next door, lives an elderly lady and her daughter, both lovely ladies. Their faces lit up and they couldn't thank me enough but I didn't need their thanks, I was more than happy to share. I passed one of the ladies on the street this morning and she stopped me to thank me again and to let me know how much they enjoyed them with their cup of yea last night.

It's really is good to share. Not only does sharing mean my diet stays firmly on track but it feels pretty good seeing the faces of those I shared with and making them so happy too.

Last but not least I have a box put away for our Granny and Grampy who we'll be visiting next weekend. I'm sure they're going to love them and maybe they'll even share with us.

Thank you Lindt for being so generous and making so many people happy this week. Your chocolates are not only very pretty but they're delicious too. You can really see and taste the effort, hard work and love that has gone into making each and every one. We loved them!

Disclosure: We received our chocolate samples for free. Writing this post was not necessary but I wanted to do so to share our feel good sharing news.


  1. Aww! How lovely and generous of Lindt..
    Those chocolates look and sound fab x

    1. Aw I agree. I just had to share seeing as they'd sent do many. It would have been rude of me not too x