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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Fashion Dolls just got Bigger and Better! Check out our review of the Nancy Fashion Dolls.

Fashion Dolls just got Bigger and Better! 
Check out our review of the Nancy Fashion Dolls. 

A few weeks back Lily made some new friends when two gorgeous Nancy Fashion Dolls from Bandai moved in. We had the pleasure of meeting the Blonde Nancy Hair Braids Doll and her friend Nancy World Traveller Doll and Pet from Brazil. Both dolls are very pretty and a whopping 42cm tall. Hair Braids Nancy comes with a cute hair braid tool and lots of cute hair accessories for doing hair whilst the World Traveller Nancy comes with her bags, travel case, other travel accessories and her pet dog. Both Nancy dolls are different but lovely.

Lily was so excited when they arrived, she couldn't wait to get them out of their boxes. Luckily they were nice and easy to get out, they weren't tied in too tight like some often are. Once out of their boxes, Lily and the girls were all set to start their fun and adventures.

The Nancy World Traveller Doll and Pet from Brazil comes all set for her world adventures. Nancy travels everywhere with her pet dog which comes with it's very own pull-along pet carrier, passport and stickers!

She has lovely long dark hair which has already been braided in some parts but don't worry as there's loads left for you to do.

In her pretty puffed out skirt and pretty parrot top, she's all set to go. Her wellies are not only a style statement but very practical for all this rainy weather we've been having lately. 

The Nancy Hair Braids Doll loves to have her hair styled by you! She's got lovely long blonde hair just waiting to be styled.

You can style her hair with the braider and decorate it with the included ribbons. 
She's dressed in a cute colourful outfit made up of a purple polka dot mini shirt and flower print orange t shirt. We loved the way her shoes matched her t shirt, colour wise.

Lily's been doing her hair a lot lately which is great as that's what this doll is all about. She's got great hair just perfect for styling and she's pretty too.

Both Nancy dolls are naturally pretty. There's no over the top make up, just natural beauty, which is one of the things I love.

Lily and her new friends have been on lots of adventures and I'm sure there's still more to come. They've played in the garden together, taken car rides together and even shared sweets together. Lily really loves her new dolls, they're quite big compared to other fashion dolls but that's what she likes about them. Being bigger makes them more real, more life like and more fun. There's no fiddling about trying to change clothes as being bigger makes everything easier. Both the dolls have beautiful hair which Lily loves to style and change.

There are lots of beautiful dolls in the new Nancy Fashion Dolls range to choose from. Lily is already asking for another one but I think she may have to wait a little while before she gets it as her birthday has already past and Christmas is still quite a while away, thankfully. 

The Nancy dolls have been a huge success here as both got a firm thumbs up from Lily.  Lily's been playing with both dolls for over 4 weeks now and I'm happy to report that both dolls are still fully in tact, no one has lost any limbs and all their hair is firmly in place which is great news. The Nancy Fashion Dolls are tough yet pretty, really made to last.

Disclosure: We received our Nancy Dolls as samples for the purpose of this review. All the opinions expressed within it our 100% honest and entirely our own.

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