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Monday, 9 May 2016

Cocktails & Facials with The Body Shop New St - VIP Event

Cocktails & Facials with The Body Shop New St
 VIP Event

Last Thursday I attended the Cocktails & Facials VIP event at The Body Shop New St - Birmingham. The event was being hosted by the lovely Bloggers Parlour who host events throughout the Midlands bringing Bloggers, Youtubers and Social Media Influencers together. Their events are fun and entertaining and this one was no different.

20 lovely ladies were invited along to the Body Shop store on New Street, Birmingham to check out their newly decorated store whilst enjoying cocktails and facials with their lovely staff. We played lots of games and talked a lot. There were snacks and even cake.

The games were very Social Media based like sharing pics on Instagram or Tweeting on Twitter so there was lots to do. One of the games was to pick four products we'd love and arrange them in a pretty fashion and share a picture of what we choose. Here's mine.

Not very artistic but I gave it a good shot, it was a little tricky finding the perfect space in the such a busy area but I think I did okay. I didn't win a prize for it but I did win a different one.

One of the games was to make our own cocktail and name it. I called mine the 'Body Boomer' after the Body Shop and won a VIP goody bag for my efforts, eek!

There were lots of games to play and a whole host of other bloggers to meet. I really enjoyed chatting to some new faces as well as catching up with some not so new but all were lovely. Everyone was really friendly and the atmosphere was very happy and chatty.

I loved the new layout of the store, everything looked so fresh and organised. It's been years since I've been inside a Body Shop store so I couldn't believe how much it had all changed. There was still some of my old favourite like their White Musk body spray but also lots of new stuff like their exciting Make Up range which I instantly fell in love with.

The staff were very friendly, helpful and insightful into the products. They really knew their stuff which was great as me being a newbie was pretty clueless. They were smiley and more than happy to help match colours to our skin tone and creams to our perfect smells. 

Not only did I leave with my VIP goody bad prize but we also got a pretty cool goody bag for attending too. Want to see what was inside, yeah - of course you do.

How lovely was that, I can't wait to try the Body Butter, it smells so good.

I think I'll have to start visiting The Body Shop more often.

Disclosure: I attended this event through the Bloggers Parlour. This is not a sponsored post - I have written about the event because I enjoyed attending it. My post is my words.

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