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My Family

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

With HP Instant Ink - You'll Never run out of Ink again.

With HP Instant Ink - You'll Never run out of Ink again.

With HP Instant Ink - You'll Never run out of Ink again which is a good job for us as we're always forgetting to check when we're running low and often run out. Our HP Printer is a big part of our daily life. If it's not scanning work for me, it's printing homework for the teen or pictures to colour in for the youngest. It's always on the go in our house, always.

Running out of ink is not only an inconvenience for adults but also a real tear jerker when it comes to smaller children. There's nothing worse than a upset child who wants to colour with no pictures to colour to hand. Rainy days and Play days often call for colouring in.

Instant Ink can solve all these problems easily and efficiently. HP Instant Ink is an ink replacement service that lets you select your plan and they take care of the rest. You’ll get ink before you need it with their ink replacement service and you will save money too. All the Ink cartridges, delivery costs and recycling are included in one monthly plan price.

Instant Ink is a great idea for busy families like us. By joining up with their delivery service we'd never have to worry about running out of ink again. Now, that sounds like a plan.

How does HP make sure you’ll always have ink?

Your printer uses the Internet to let HP know when to send more ink. 
Here’s how you can get all the ink you need, delivered to your door: 

  • Purchase an eligible printer.
  • Enrol in a plan based on the number of pages you print.
  • Ink cartridges and delivery costs included in your monthly plan price.
  • Pre-paid envelope included for you to recycle your used cartridges.
  • No annual fee—Change or cancel plans online any time without penalty.
  • They’ll deliver HP Instant Ink cartridges to you.
  • Their cartridges have more ink than XL cartridges, so you'll replace them less often.
  • Billing and service start after you insert your first HP Instant Ink cartridge.
  • Your printer will tell HP when to send ink.
  • Your service is not based on how many cartridges you use, so print as many high quality photos as you like.
  • You’ll get ink before you need it.
This quick video shows you just how it works below:

If your home printer is always on the go like ours is, this could be a really useful service for you. It's a very clever yet easy way to stay one step ahead when it comes to your topping up your ink cartridges. We think it's a great idea that not only saves time but money too.

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