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My Family

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

We love National Stationery Week because Writing Matters! #natstatweek #writingmatters

We love National Stationery Week
because Writing Matters! 

With National Stationery Week 2016 fast approaching. We're getting ready here to celebrate all things stationery! The dates for this year are 25th April to 1st May 2016.

In our world full of computers and digital communication, it's never been so important to remind ourselves of why writing matters. Luckily for me, my children love to write. My middle daughter Lily (who's 9) loves writing poetry and short creative stories. She's always winning her school competitions and coming home with certificates for her good writing. I couldn't be more proud of her if I tried. She's definatley shares my love of writing as I write poetry too.

My eldest daughter (13) isn't much of a writer sadly. She's more of a stationery addict who likes to collect novelty pens and pencils. She enjoys colouring in and has many adult style colouring books which keep her happy and allow her to release her creative side that way.

My youngest, Ryan (who's 5) is still learning to write so we try to make it fun where we can. We often write little stories for his homework and make up silly stories ourselves too. I hope to instil a sense of love for writing in him whilst he's still young so it can last a lifetime.

Me, I LOVE tow write which is why I started a blog in the first place. I write as I speak which is a lot. If I'm not writing for my blog or for fun. I'm writing poems to cheer up friends or to enter online competitions which I'm happy to say, I've won quite a few with my words.

So here in our house, I'm happy to say that writing really does matter. Our words matter. 

A few weeks ago we were sent a lovely bundle of stationery items to help us celebrate National Stationery Week. We can't wait to join in the fun, it's going to be great fun.

If you'd like to follow all the fun, like we will be. You can follow @NatStatWeek on Twitter or search the hashtags #natstatweek #writingmatters #lovestationery #stationeryaddict .

Join in and celebrate National Stationery Week 25th April to 1st May 2016.

Disclosure: We revived some stationery samples to help us join in with National Stationery Week but we wrote this post to share our love of stationery. 

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