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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Phillips New Anti-Allergen range - Making Vacuuming Easy #Review

Phillips New Anti-Allergen range.
Making Vacuuming Easy.

Phillips Anti-Allergen range is a brand new and very exciting product area for Philips and designed to make your home healthy and free from allergens, which ultimately lead to allergies, which a whopping 1 in 3 Brits suffer from. All of their new products are designed to alleviate and extract up to 99% of allergens in the home; including dust, pet hair and dust mites which lead to allergies. From a pet loving home, we're very excited about these.

There are seven new products in their range and over the past few months we have been busy testing out two of them. We've been playing with the Anti-Allergy Bagless Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner and the Anti-Allergy 2in1 Lithium Vacuum/Mop Wet & Dry- Cordless.

I've loved using both of them but I do have a clear favourite out of the two. The Anti-Allergy 2in1 Lithium Vacuum/Mop Wet & Dry- Cordless has been outstanding - I love it!

Save yourself time by combining the vacuuming and mopping. Both are tasks that I often put off so being able to do them both in one go, is pretty awesome.
This 2-in-1 wet and dry vacuum cleaner and mop quickly cleans up daily messes in one go. It's so lightweight, I carried it around the house and up and down the stairs with ease. Its one of the lightest vacuums I've ever tried.

Offering powerful wet cleaning, without compromising on cordless suction, this product can vacuum up dirt whilst cleaning stains and spillages from hard floors in your home – it's ideal for pet owners.

I have been delighted with my new toy. I've hardly put it down since it arrived. My old (heavy) vacuum has been passed on to another family member and there's been no looking back.

One of my favourite things about it, is how smoothly it moves. The joint allows it to move freely in all directions so you're not stuck just going back and forwards. I managed to fly around the kids bedrooms avoiding all the toys and misplaced objects n seconds. There;s no need to waste time picking everything up any more when you can just breeze round them (unless you actually want to clean under them that is). Vacumming was never one of my favourite chores to do at home as my vacuum was so heavy and bulky. I hardly ever did the upstairs as I just couldn't carry it up but not any more. This new cordless vacuum is so light that even I could pick it up and carry it easily upstairs. Upstairs is now clean - yay!

Next up we had the  Anti-Allergy Bagless Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner. This one is has a cord but is much more powerful than the other one. It's a little heavier but not much noisier. 

has an Energy rating of Class A and is made to help you clean your home and protect your family from allergens. This vacuum cleaner helps to reduce allergy triggers in the home through its filtration process and powerful performance levels on carpets and hard floors.

Some of it's highlights include: 

  • Ultra Clean Air with the HEPA 13 Filter. Filters the exhaust air of up to 99 per cent of allergy triggers* from cat and dog hairs to dust and pollen, helping you to manage a clean and allergen reduced home.
  • A-Class Performance on Hard Floors. Up to 100 per cent of dust is picked up. The hard floor nozzle has soft brush hairs to protect the floor against scratches, and delivers excellent dust removal in crevices and along walls.
  • Clean Floors Throughout the Home. Remove allergens settled deep into carpets and hard to reach places with the Tri-active 3-in-1 nozzle. In one go it gently opens the carpet to remove the dust deep down, sucks up larger particles and sweeps up the dust and dirt alongside furniture and walls using its two side brushes.
  • Powerful Suction Performance. To ensure an exceptional cleaning performance, our vacuum cleaners are fitted with PowerCyclone 7 technology. PowerCyclone 7 works in three steps to help you clean, contain and filter dirt and allergens from the home.No Need for a Dustbag. This no mess bagless vacuum cleaner features Nano clean technology which reduces unpleasant dust clouds when emptying your 2.2 L dust bucket; more dust settles at the bottom of the dust bucket and slides out for easy, mess-free disposal.
  • Lightweight and Easy Handling. The Philips Ultimate is lightweight (6.2 kg) and has an operating radius of 11m; ideal for large spaces and taking up/down stairs.

Again this vacuum was lightweight, not quite light enough for me to carry it up the stairs easily by myself but still much lighter than my previous one. The design is very eye catching and very easy to use. I loved the ease of use, you could push it around without any real effort. It makes vacuuming a little more enjoyable rather than being boring, hard work.

I've enjoyed testing out both of the new vacuums, each one is quite different and has it's own good and bad points. My favourite has to be the Anti-Allergy 2in1 Lithium Vacuum/Mop Wet & Dry- Cordless. It's taken my cleaning experience to a whole new level. Cleaning has never been so easy or as much fun. It's made me want to vacuum the house more often.

I'm happy to continue using my new Phillips Anti-Allergy 2in1 Lithium Vacuum/Mop Wet & Dry- Cordless for years to come I hope. Cat hairs no longer linger on my chairs. Mud no longer clings to my carpets. I'm much happier, knowing my home is healthier now.

You can check out all the Phillips Vacuum Cleaners online on their website.

Disclosure: I received my vacuum samples in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed within it are entirely my own and 100% honest.


  1. Love the cordless one - going to check it out now!