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Monday, 18 April 2016

Calvé Peanut butter is coming to the UK #Review

Calvé Peanut butter is coming to the UK

There are only two countries that eat more peanut butter than the USA and they are Canada and the Netherlands. The favourite Dutch brand is Calvé Peanut Butter, which has an incredibly strong ‘cult’ following. In the Netherlands, many people start eating Calvé as children and it will be their preferred peanut butter throughout their lives, and it is considered the national brand of peanut butter. Since production of peanut butter began in 1948, Calvé’s iconic advertising campaigns have ensured that the brand has continued to be a family favourite. It is now available to the UK public for the very first time and we've so excited to say, we've got some here to try. So, what did we make of it?

Calvé Peanut Butter comes in three varieties; Smooth, Crunchy and Light.

They're all pretty self explanatory really, the Smooth is smooth. The Crunchy has bits of peanuts in it to give you a crunchy texture and the Light has 30% less fat in it.

 I've always been a Crunchy fan for as long as I can remember but Daddy loves the Light option as being 33% less fat than the other two yet tasting just as good is pretty impressive. We eat peanut butter all the time in our house so we were very excited to try out this new and exciting brand. Whether it's spread on toast or put in a sandwich, we get through several tubs a week here. The taste is quite different to our usual brand but that doesn't make it bad. The flavours are very rich, it's like a very 'posh' peanut butter. 

At first I wasn't sure weather I liked it or not but after a few tries, I came to quite like it. The children were not so keen, I think it was a little too full on for them but Daddy was pretty impressed with the Light variety. He uses his peanut butter on his sandwiches instead of a sauce to add flavour and protein, whilst keeping sugar levels down as he's on a high protein diet. My favourite was the Crunchy, the peanut pieces are very small, much smaller than what I'm used too but the overall taste was very nice. Would I change from my usual brand? I don't think I would but that's just my opinion and everyone's taste buds are different.

The Calvé peanut butters will soon be rolled out to UK retailers but in the meantime, the full range can be found on the Pragmatic International Holdings Amazon pages.

Disclosure: We received our Peanut Butter samples in return for an honest review.

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