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My Family

Friday, 25 March 2016

There's No Need to Worry when You have a Worry Eater #Review

There's No Need to Worry when You have a Worry Eater 

Children can often find talking about their feelings quite difficult. Even when I can see my children are upset about something, I get the usual 'Nothings Wong' reply when I ask them what's wrong. The smallest of things can cause them the biggest worries sometimes, but not no more in our house as we have a new problem solving friend Lillie who's come to stay.

Lillie is our Worry Eater. She lives on the end of my daughters bed just waiting to help. 

They're brilliant for eating nightmares or acting as a ‘waste bin’ for worries of all shapes and sizes. Children simply write or draw their troubles on a piece on paper and feed them into the zip mouth of their Worry Eater friend. They make cuddly companions in good times or bad, for children of all ages and look pretty cool too. As a parent of three children myself, I've found these creative pals are ideal for keeping our channels of communication open.

I really love the idea behind these new toys. They're the perfect way of finding out what's wrong with your children without having to ask them directly. Now that Lillie is here to stay, I can check her contents on a regular basis to see what;'s worrying my three. When they're happy, Lillie is a cuddle companion and when they're sad, she's their helping friend.

The Worry Eaters plush range is growing in 2016. Not only will six new additions join the plush family but there’s also a brand new collection of stationery and novelty items perfect for primary school-aged boys and girls too helping to take your children's worries away.

We're so glad that Lillie our Worry Eater came to stay with us, she's been such a help. In the past week alone I've found notes of bad dreams and school worries that I'd otherwise not known about. All of the Worry Eaters are very pretty and cool in their own ways but Lillie, our Worry Eater was the perfect choice for us as we have very our own cheeky Lily here.

Worry Eaters are available online at their website

We love our Worry Eater and would happily recommend them to our friends.

Disclosure: We received our Worry Eater for free in return for an honest review.

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