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My Family

Friday, 25 March 2016

There's No Need to Worry when You have a Worry Eater #Review

There's No Need to Worry when You have a Worry Eater 

Children can often find talking about their feelings quite difficult. Even when I can see my children are upset about something, I get the usual 'Nothings Wong' reply when I ask them what's wrong. The smallest of things can cause them the biggest worries sometimes, but not no more in our house as we have a new problem solving friend Lillie who's come to stay.

Lillie is our Worry Eater. She lives on the end of my daughters bed just waiting to help. 

They're brilliant for eating nightmares or acting as a ‘waste bin’ for worries of all shapes and sizes. Children simply write or draw their troubles on a piece on paper and feed them into the zip mouth of their Worry Eater friend. They make cuddly companions in good times or bad, for children of all ages and look pretty cool too. As a parent of three children myself, I've found these creative pals are ideal for keeping our channels of communication open.

I really love the idea behind these new toys. They're the perfect way of finding out what's wrong with your children without having to ask them directly. Now that Lillie is here to stay, I can check her contents on a regular basis to see what;'s worrying my three. When they're happy, Lillie is a cuddle companion and when they're sad, she's their helping friend.

The Worry Eaters plush range is growing in 2016. Not only will six new additions join the plush family but there’s also a brand new collection of stationery and novelty items perfect for primary school-aged boys and girls too helping to take your children's worries away.

We're so glad that Lillie our Worry Eater came to stay with us, she's been such a help. In the past week alone I've found notes of bad dreams and school worries that I'd otherwise not known about. All of the Worry Eaters are very pretty and cool in their own ways but Lillie, our Worry Eater was the perfect choice for us as we have very our own cheeky Lily here.

Worry Eaters are available online at their website

We love our Worry Eater and would happily recommend them to our friends.

Disclosure: We received our Worry Eater for free in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Pinypon - a brand new range of collectable and customisable dolls to hit the UK #Review

Pinypon - The brand new range of collectable 
and customisable dolls to hit the UK

Pinypon are a brand new range of collectable and customisable dolls to hit the UK that are selling out quickly. The Pinypon dolls can be customised with the latest accessories and hair styles giving them a completely unique look every time. There's so many accessories and sets available with the dolls such as the camper van, house, hotel and much much more.

We received an amazing delivery this week from Bandai containing lots of Pinypon dolls and play sets for us to play with. Lily and Ryan were so excited when the box arrived. Inside was a whole host of Pinypon goodies including the: Pinypon Royal Prince & Princess Figure Set (first picture) Pinypon More Tales Figure - Pinocchio which is coming soon (second picture and a Pinypon Royal Carriage Playset (third picture). There was several duo sets of Pinypon figures and their pets as well as lots of individual Pinypon surprise figure packs.

The Pinypon characters are great. There's lots of different fun characters each with their own accessories and brightly coloured removable hair and outfits. There's boys and girl making them perfect for all children to play with. The figures themselves are nice and chunky making them great for little hands. There's so many possibilities with these fun new figures as each one has two faces so you can change their expressions, removable hair so you can change their hair and lots of other removable pieces too. With removable pieces that does mean lots of small pieces to look after which can be quite annoying. I've taken away all the tiny pieces like rings, headbands, etc as they'd only get put into a mouth or lost anyway but that doesn't really take away from the fun to be had with these toys. Even without the added accessories you can still happily change the bigger parts as much as you like. We've had boys heads on girls bodies and all sorts here over the past few days.

Above is just a quick clip from the new advert from The Entertainer to see them in action.

Both my youngest two love these toys and are not firm Pinypon fans. There's so many lovely sets and figures to collect and with more Pinypons, you get even more choices.

We've had a wonderful week playing with our Pinypon toys and have to say, they're delightful. The characters are fun, colorful and of a good size. They would make great pocket money treats for younger children and great fun for older. They're lovely role playing toys that really get children's imaginations going. It's been lovely to watch my two playing nicely together this week. With characters to suit them both, they've been having great fun.

Pinypon get a very well deserved 4/5 from all of us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries.

Disclosure: We received our Pinypon toys in return for an honest review.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Zoingo Boingo - The Flexible Freestyle Pogo Stick #Review

Zoingo Boingo - The Flexible Freestyle Pogo Stick 

Zoingo Boingo is the fantastic flexible freestyle pogo from Flair PLC that can be used on both pavement and grass. It lets you bounce higher, further and wilder! It features a rugged stretchable cord that attaches the handle to the durable high bounce ball. The cord and bounce ball work together to produce high energy bounces and great control. This new and very clever pogo ball will take you to a whole level of new heights! It's so much fun! 

It's recommended for children aged 8 and over which means I'm old enough to have a go too. I used to have a pogo ball similar when I was little but it didn't have the cord or handle and I loved it. I remember having great fun bouncing around for hours on end in my garden.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, my youngest two are outside nearly every day after school. They love being outside, just like I did when I was their age. If they're not bouncing on the trampoline, they're swinging on the swing or playing hide & seek in their play house. 

This week my youngest two have been playing with the Zoingo Boingo and although they haven't quite mastered it just yet, they've had great fun trying. I even had a go when they wasn't looking and have to say, I'm a pro! It's just like I remembered, bouncing is fun!

The Zoingo Boingo is perfect for garden fun. It's kept my two entertained for hours and bouncing is a great way to encourage some good old fashioned healthy fun. Sometimes I wish they'd play outside more often (not just so I can have some peace and quiet) but because there's a whole new world of fun to be had out there. My childhood consisted of 80% outdoor play. Playing hide and seek, British bulldog or Akkie (kind of like tag).

So if you're looking for a simple yet fun outdoors toy, this could be it. The Zoingo Boingo is easy to inflate, we used a bicycle bump to inflate ours and it didn't take more than 10 minutes. Once inflated everything is pretty simple to use. There's a nice ridge on one of the foot plates to help you get on which I think is a great idea - it really helped me. Once on, you squeeze your feet against the ball in the middle for added support or at least that's what we've been doing and bounce. If you hold the cord up as high as you can, it helps for support and makes your bounces higher. It's a simple toy but great fun all the same.

My youngest two (aged 5 and 8) have been having great fun trying to master it and although they can't quite manage to do it all by themselves just yet. They won't be giving up any time soon. There's been no accidents to report so far. Luckily the ball is low to the ground so even if they were to come of it, they are low enough to the ground to put their feet down.

We're happy to give the Zoingo Boingo a Bounce-Tastic 4/5.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

#BatmanVsSuperman Comparethemarket . com's Limited edition Aleksandr + Sergei as Batman and Superman Toys!

BatmanVsSuperman Comparethemarket . com's 
Limited edition Aleksandr + Sergei 
as Batman and Superman Toys!

We had a lovely surprise delivery this week, Batman and Superman came to visit us. 

Not the real Batman and Superman of course but the gorgeous new Meerkat toy versions from For a limited time only you can get your very own Limited edition Aleksandr Batman or Sergei Superman toy. You can check out all their Heroic Rewards on line, this is also the place where you can get your 2 for 1 cinema tickets too.

The big question on every one's lips though, is what team are you on? 

Batman or Superman?

I am a proud Superman fan but my little man Ryan is a keen Batman fan so we're torn in our house. My girls don't really mind which team they're on, they just love the toys for toys.

Which ever team you're on, both Aleksandr and Sergei make super cute Super Heroes so you'll be happy with ever you choose. If you do want one of these, remember to be quick as they are limited edition and will be very popular, I'm sure. We love ours, they're awesome!

Disclosure: We received our Meerkat toys in return for an honest review/mention.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Beefeater Grill's got a New Spring Menu so we went along to try it out! #Review

Beefeater Grill's got a New Spring Menu 
so we went along to try it out!

Today's been a good day, spent with family. Enjoying good food and generally having a good time. We've been to our local Beefeater, The Duck in Birmingham for a family treat. The new Spring Menu was launched this week (on March 8th) so we were excited to see what was new. We've never been to a Beefeater before so it was all totally new to us.

Browsing over the menu's I have to say, there was plenty of choice. There's lots of old family favourites like Lasagne, burgers and Fish and Chips but lots of new Spring choices too. There's a new Surf and Turf for the seafood lovers and lots of alternative lighter choices like the Beefeater Ultimate Steak Salad for the healthy eaters. Everything looked great.

The children's menu named The Mr. Men Little Miss Menu again had lots of choice on it. For a children's menu it was very detailed, there was three different meal options to choose form depending on the age of the child and how much they wanted to eat which I thought was great. You could have just one course and a drink or two courses and a drink or the full three courses and a drink which is what my little man opted for, of course.

Ryan who's 5, had a garlic bread starter, sausage mash and beans for his main and an ice cream funny face for dessert. Everything was cooked perfectly, nothing was over cooked or burnt which was a bonus as often children's meals often come out over done but this wasn't. Our waiter was very helpful and offered to put Ryan's gravy in a separate little jug so he could choose for himself whether he wanted to put it on or not. The staff were very friendly.

For starters I chose the new Ham Hock Pate which was delicious. The pate was a good size and came with 4 pieces of fresh ciabatta and a very nice sweet onion marmalade. It was so lovely, not only did it look great but it tasted even better. I demolished the whole thing.  

Daddy went for the Loaded Potato Dippers which looked lovely. The bowl was full of Potato dippers topped cheese, spring onion and chopped bacon. In the centre was a sour cream & chive dip. The dish itself was very tasty and again a very good sized portion for a starter.

For Dinner I had the Smothered Chicken Melt which was lovely. I really liked the way they flatten the chicken breast. It was cooked really well, not dry or burnt - just right for me.  It came served with their triple cooked chips which were very nice too. Too nice maybe.

Daddy chose the Mixed Grill for his main and upgraded it to get a bigger sized steak too. His plate was full of perfectly cooked meat, triple cooked chips and beer battered onion rings.

We both cleaned our plates even though the portions were quite large. The food was delicious and everything was cooked perfectly for our liking which we don't say often.

Daddy didn't have any room left for dessert but I couldn't resist trying their new Lemon Curd Sorbet. It was amazing! So sweet and bitter all at the same time, a real treat on the tongue. I got three decent sized scoops in a pretty glass bowl finished off with lemon leaves.

We had a wonderful time at Beefeater, a whole two and a half hours in fact. The staff were really friendly, you could hear many of the staff chatting away with the customers. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they all had happy smiles on their faces. No one was rushed or bothered, families sat enjoying their meals in the lovely relaxed atmosphere.

I'm glad we went along today as I got to see what a Beefeater was really like for myself and have to say it was lovely. Everything was perfect, from the staff to the building. The food and the drinks. We all had a lovely visit and will be going back soon one day it was that nice.

Disclosure: We were invited to try out the new spring menu at Beefeater and given a £50 to spend. WE paid the extras ourselves and all opinions expressed are entirely our own.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Monster High Designer Booo-tique Frankie Stein Doll #Review

Monster High Designer Booo-tique 
Frankie Stein Doll.

This week Lily's been playing with a Monster High Designer Booo-tique Frankie Stein Doll. Lily likes watching the popular children's TV show Monster High so I thought this doll would be something she'd like too and I was right. Monster High dolls are great for older girls like Lily as they're slightly different to the usual, pretty fashion dolls but not too different.

You can create lots of cool fashion designs for Frankie Stein with her Monster High Designer Booo-tique. Frankie Stein’s booo-tique comes with five outfits for you to customise.  Monster High stickers, pens and stencils to add to the fun. Young designers will love the opportunity to make spooky fashions for the stylish daughter of Frankenstein and to express their own unique style through their creations too. RRP £24.99 each. Age 6+

Lily loved being able to draw on the clothes and had great fun creating her very own styles. There's five dresses included so you get to create five different looks. The pens work really well on the material and the stencils make it really easy to make your patterns. Lily created her own looks all by herself, she wouldn't let me get anywhere near them to have a go.

The doll itself has a little scar across it's left cheek and black and white hair but it's still very pretty. Lily loved the striped hair as it's nice and long making it great for brushing.

There wasn't really anything we didn't like about the Monster High Designer Booo-tique Frankie Stein Doll. She's different from the norm but in a good way, Lily loved her.

 Disclosure: We were sent our sample in return for an honest review. 
All opinions expressed are 100% my own and completely honest. 

What's Coming Up at Drayton Manor Theme Park.

What's Coming Up at Drayton Manor Theme Park.

As you know by now, we are huge fans of Drayton Manor Theme Park and are so lucky to live so close by. It's just a 25 minute car ride away for us making it our perfect day out. We were lucky enough to be chosen as Drayton Manor Ambassadors last year for 1015 and had the most amazing time doing so. We must have visited over 12 times throughout the year and had so much fun. We went every few weeks during the Summer and again for Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. There's always so much going on, we were spoilt.

Our time as Ambassadors may be over but for some it will be just beginning. There was a special Bloggers event a few weeks ago which we went along to help find the new ones. Although the weather was a little chilly and most of the park was still closed as it's out of season. We still had a wonderful time in Thomas Land having some good old family fun.

We love all the rides in Thomas Land, new and old, high and low.

Sadly I had an accident with my Go Pro footage (which got lost) so I'ma  little short on footage from the day but that doesn't stop me telling you all about how great it was.

But that's enough about me and my family and how much we love Drayton Manor.

I want to tell you what's coming up this year so you can enjoy it with your family.

The full park opening for 2016 will be on Saturday March 12th and we can't wait! Adult tickets (age 12-59) could cost you as little as just £23 *If booked at least 7 days in advance. Children's tickets (age 4-11) and OAP's are £18 and Children under 2 are free.

From Friday 25th March to Wednesday 6th April you can all create your very own fun family memories and have a cracking good time as there really is something for all ages. 

As well as being able to enjoy all of the rides in the park there will also be lots of sweet treats on offer in the catering outlets, awesome gifts from their large selection of gift shops and lots of family fun to be had by all. Don't forget to visit the brand new Tamarin Trail, which opens on Friday 25th March and meet their newest residents to the zoo too.

There's also several Play, Stay and Save and Short Break offers available but you can check those out for yourself if that's something you're interested in on their website. 

We love Drayton Manor Theme Park and Thomas Land and although we'll be sad not to be be Ambassadors this year, that won't stop us visiting. We'll be still enjoying our Summer days out there as usual, we just wish Summer would hurry up and arrive.

Disclosure: We were invited to their press event, this is my honest review.