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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Qixels Turbo Dryer from Character Options Ltd #Review

Qixels Turbo Dryer from Character Options Ltd

First of all, I'm sure you're all wanting to know what Qixels are so I'll explain that first. Qixels are are the tiny cubes that fuse together to create all sorts of shapes and characters with simple a blast of water. There's lots of similar versions of these on the market at the moment but most seem to be aimed at girls so this one is great for the boys.

 It's all really easy to do which is why it's aimed at children as young as 4. Although the cubes are quite small my little man managed to use them OK. He was able to create his own little rocket with the help of one of the templates which was included. 

Inside the box you get the Turbo Dryer, two templates which have one design on each side giving you a total of four patterns to choose from in total. A whole selection of different coloured cubes. You get double the amount of white and black which was great as we did use more of those than any of the other colours. You also get a little plastic water spray and some extra pieces which you can add to your finished characters to help bring them to life. 

Making the designs was really easy, you simply add the cubes onto a tray following your template or you can even make your own if you wish to. You then place your completed design into your Turbo Dryer and spray several times with water. Once soaked with water you get to spin them in the Turbo Dryer by rapidly pressing down the big button to dry them super fast! It says super fast, but it does take around 20 minutes for them to dry.

Ryan and I (Yes I had a go too) had great fun playing with this. It was a really nice little activity to do just the two of us. We sat at the dining table and had fun for over an hour just building little things with our Qixels cubes. Not only did we build a rocket but we made some cute Initials for all of us and a rather sweet little love heart too, that one's mine. We made one big pattern form the templates and 4 small pieces of our own and still had quite a lot fo cubes left over for us to build something else maybe at another time. 

The tiny Qixels cubes were great for improving Ryan's hand, eye co-ordinations skills. He sat so calmly with this set, it was a lovely too see him enjoying himself and being so proud with his creations. He took his little rocket into school with him this morning to show it off.

We'd happily recommend the Qixels Turbo Dryer to any of our friends. It was easy to use, lots of fun and a great rainy day activity for all the family. Both girls and boys alike.

Disclosure: We received our toy sample in return for an honest review.

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