My Family

My Family

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why does Everyone keep Asking Me 'Are You Ready For Christmas?' NO! I'm Not - OK?

Why does Everyone keep Asking Me ...
'Are You Ready For Christmas?' 
NO! I'm Not - OK?

Over this past week or so I've found myself being asked the same annoying question, over and over again. By different people of course because being asked by one person over and over again would be just really weird. My reply to them, has been ... 'Yeah ..... Almost'. 

LIES! Why do I find myself lying to people? Why don't I just say 'No, I'm not ready'. Why don't I just tell them truth? Why do I feel like they'll be totally disappointed in my if I say no?

I do this every year, I leave everything to the last minute and then fall into complete PANIC mode when I realise that Christmas is nearly here. In fact, it's only just over a week to go!

I'm normally such an organised person but I don't know what it is about Christmas that just throws me out. Don't get me wrong, I've got all the toys my kids wrote to Santa for and I've got the gifts my family have hinted for, for the past few months but I still don't feel ready.

Nothing is wrapped, nothing is organised and nothing is written down on a list - I love lists. 

There's presents hidden throughout the house, presents that I bought months ago and have no idea where I've hidden them. There are presents hidden in boxes and cards waiting to be written. Wrapping paper rolls still covered in their plastic and sellotape rolls still untouched.

I'm like a duck on the water right now, looking all cool on the surface but paddling like crazy underneath just trying to stay afloat. So the next person who asks me .. 'Are you ready for Christmas?' You're going to get a rather rude but very honest - 'NO I'm Not!'

BUT ...

I may not be ready for Christmas but my kids will wake up to the gifts that they have dreamt of left under the tree from Santa. My family will all have something nice to open and smile at even if they don't like what they've gotten. Our dinner will be hot, plentiful and delicious and our Christmas will be a good one so whether I am ready for it or not everything will be OK.

I know that I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family around me so the next time I get stressed or start to worry, I'll just remember that and smile. Everything will be OK.

The moral of my story (or rant) is ..

Don't be a stress head like me this Christmas and Have a Good One! xox


  1. I'm not even vaguely ready, I'm in denial. I was huffing round the shops sweating today and I'm still going through my list of things to do in my head :)

    1. Is it wrong of me that reading your comment made me feel a little bit better? It's good to know that I'm not alone xx