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My Family

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

We've been Shopping at the Wicked Uncle Christmas HQ! #Review

We've been Shopping at the Wicked Uncle 
Christmas HQ! 

Last week we went shopping at the Wicked Uncle Christmas HQ! Wicked Uncle is a wonderful website that helps you to find the right gift for the right person. It's all so easy to use and really works well. They have sections for every age, every theme and more.

You can narrow down your searches quickly and easily by selecting boys or girls and then their age or what they like. Finding a gift has never been easier and the range of gifts they have is very vast. There's something available to suit every budget, style and taste. 

When browsing the site I had three children in mind for the gifts I wanted to buy. A 3 year old boy, a 6 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. I didn't want to spend too much money as they are friends of my children, so I was looking for something fun yet reasonably priced.

My budget was £40 (which was kindly provided by Wicked Uncle) for me to try out the site. After a few quick searches and a few minutes research into what was my best choices, I had 3 little gifts to make up my 3 Christmas presents. I was very happy.

I choose 3 lovely torch sets in three different themes so that they would all have something different yet the same (If you know what I mean) I didn't want any arguments. I choose an Animal one, a Shark one and a Dinosaur one. They're all very sweet little gifts but not quite sweet enough so I also bought 3 little chocolate gifts to go with them which are lovely.

When the end of term comes and it's time to hand out our gifts, I know we're going to have three very happy children. Thanks to Wicked Uncle, I was able to search for the perfect gift quickly and easily. Their website is bright and well laid out and very easy to use so if you're looking for a gift for a child this year, maybe pop on over and have a look for yourself.

Disclosure: We received our samples for free in return for an honest review.

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