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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Snack Time with Tommy Tucker #Review

Snack Time with Tommy Tucker 

Tommy Tucker are a family business driven by success to the largest independent popcorn manufacturer in the UK and “the supplier of choice to the cinema industry”. Their business is built on the requirements of their customers and from 20+ years of trading within the cinema, Leisure and Retail industries. They've developed the ability for flexing their business to meet demands for innovative new products, packaging design and changes in consumer tastes whilst maintaining balanced margins with the very best of services. 

Over the past week we've been trying out some of their popcorn flavours, it's been a tough job but someone had to do it. We were sent a selection of flavours, some classic favourites and some not so but we were willing to try them all and see what they were all like.

With my three children ready to help me out we set out a fun taste testing station where we filled small bowls with all the different flavours of popcorn to try. Some flavours were liked more than others but that comes down to the individuals personal tastes. The Toffee and Luxury Toffee were a huge hit but everyone loves Toffee popcorn, right? The Sweet and Sweet & Salt were also delicious, I think they were the overall majority winner on the day.

The Cheddar Cheese and Coconut were not so popular but they were interesting to try. 

One thing that I can say though is whether we liked the flavour or not the overall popcorn quality was really good. Each bag was full of fresh popcorn coated well in it's flavour and tastes just as they should. One thing I liked was at the bottom of the bag there was lots of bits of broken popcorn but hardly and unpopped kernels like you find in some brands.

We have had a fantastic time testing out all the different Tommy Tucker popcorn flavours and have to say, it's been one of our favourite taste tests this year. We may not have any left now but they were fun and very yummy whilst they lasted. Thank you Tommy Tucker!

Disclosure: We received our samples for free in return for an honest review.

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