My Family

My Family

Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 - Our Year In Pictures.

2015 - Our Year In Pictures.

January was a quiet month for us, with Christmas over we chilled out and enjoyed some home family time. It saw us trying new foods and finding a consensus love of Sorbets.

February was an amazing month for me as I got to join a lovely bunch of ladies on my very first Blogging trip to Paris with Febreeze. We got to travel in Business class sipping on Champagne and Stuck our heads inside the bins of Paris to see what they smelled like.

 March was my birthday month (I turned 33) but turning 33 was okay I guess. Nothing could be as bad as turning 30 in my opinion - that was a bad year for me. I hated that birthday. With the warmer weather starting to set in we adventured out on a few more family days out like our trip to the Birmingham Sealife Centre where Ryan got to see him favourite pals.

 April was a game changing month for us as a family. We were invited along to Drayton Manor for their Thomas Land expansion opening in the hope of writing a good post and winning a spot on their 2015 Ambassadors Team, which I'm happy to say that we did and what an amazing year we had there. This was the month that I felt my Blog and my online presence had finally been noticed and people were actually wanting to work with us.

 May took us all on a caravan holiday to Dorset where we had a wonderful week simply being us. Walks in the countryside, building sandcastles on the beach (on the odd days it didn't actually rain on us) and just generally spending quality family time together. 

 June was a lot sunnier and a lot busier for us. We took our first trip to Drayton Manor as Ambassadors, the first of many I must add. I wasn't actually planning on writing a post about it but what happened that day changed our Theme Park lives forever. My eldest two kids who were previously scared of the 'big' rides became complete adrenaline junkies.

 July was my baby boys birthday but he wasn't a baby any more. Ryan turned 5 and I have absolutely no idea how that happened. When did my baby boy become so grown up? Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time and keep him this age forever but I know that's not going to happen so I'm just going to have to get used to having a Big boy around now.

August was a really nice month for us, by now Summer was in full swing and we actually managed to get a few days of sunshine whilst we were on the beach. This time we were in Norfolk but again in a caravan holiday park. Yes we do like our caravan holidays! The kids got two short breaks this year so they were very happy. Making memories is what childhood is all about so any time we can travel, we are going too. Travel is our friend.

 September was very fruitful, quite literally! With being back at school our days out started to slow down as we got back into our everyday routines but the garden was beautiful. Bright coloured berries were ripe and just waiting to be picked. My little man loved picking the berries whilst my girls loves eating the pies that the berries went into that Nanny cooked.

October was Halloween so the kids and I, Yes I got crafty with the kids ( for just one day) making a Halloween themed wall. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate mess so crafty activities are a big no no in this house but they caught me on a good day, hour, few minutes.

November was a really fun month as I got to take part in a lovely online campaign with Popchips. I was set the challenge to share 6 'uplifting' moments throughout one week which was great fun to do. I took my kids to see Disney On Ice, we went to Drayton Manor and enjoyed a day out at Hatton Country World but my favourite day of all was a simple shopping trip and coffee shared with both my Mum and my sister which never happens. 

Well what can I say, December was Christmas and what a lovely Christmas we had here. We may not have been spoilt with fancy gifts, posh food and expensive wines but we were showered in love, peace and happiness which is all I could have ever have hoped for.

2015 has been a good year for us. Yes it's had it's ups and downs but what year doesn't?

We don't know what the future holds but I do know that we've lots of adventures just waiting to happen and If 2016 turns out to be anything like 2015, then I will be happy.

Happy New Year Everyone xo

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why does Everyone keep Asking Me 'Are You Ready For Christmas?' NO! I'm Not - OK?

Why does Everyone keep Asking Me ...
'Are You Ready For Christmas?' 
NO! I'm Not - OK?

Over this past week or so I've found myself being asked the same annoying question, over and over again. By different people of course because being asked by one person over and over again would be just really weird. My reply to them, has been ... 'Yeah ..... Almost'. 

LIES! Why do I find myself lying to people? Why don't I just say 'No, I'm not ready'. Why don't I just tell them truth? Why do I feel like they'll be totally disappointed in my if I say no?

I do this every year, I leave everything to the last minute and then fall into complete PANIC mode when I realise that Christmas is nearly here. In fact, it's only just over a week to go!

I'm normally such an organised person but I don't know what it is about Christmas that just throws me out. Don't get me wrong, I've got all the toys my kids wrote to Santa for and I've got the gifts my family have hinted for, for the past few months but I still don't feel ready.

Nothing is wrapped, nothing is organised and nothing is written down on a list - I love lists. 

There's presents hidden throughout the house, presents that I bought months ago and have no idea where I've hidden them. There are presents hidden in boxes and cards waiting to be written. Wrapping paper rolls still covered in their plastic and sellotape rolls still untouched.

I'm like a duck on the water right now, looking all cool on the surface but paddling like crazy underneath just trying to stay afloat. So the next person who asks me .. 'Are you ready for Christmas?' You're going to get a rather rude but very honest - 'NO I'm Not!'

BUT ...

I may not be ready for Christmas but my kids will wake up to the gifts that they have dreamt of left under the tree from Santa. My family will all have something nice to open and smile at even if they don't like what they've gotten. Our dinner will be hot, plentiful and delicious and our Christmas will be a good one so whether I am ready for it or not everything will be OK.

I know that I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family around me so the next time I get stressed or start to worry, I'll just remember that and smile. Everything will be OK.

The moral of my story (or rant) is ..

Don't be a stress head like me this Christmas and Have a Good One! xox

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Snack Time with Tommy Tucker #Review

Snack Time with Tommy Tucker 

Tommy Tucker are a family business driven by success to the largest independent popcorn manufacturer in the UK and “the supplier of choice to the cinema industry”. Their business is built on the requirements of their customers and from 20+ years of trading within the cinema, Leisure and Retail industries. They've developed the ability for flexing their business to meet demands for innovative new products, packaging design and changes in consumer tastes whilst maintaining balanced margins with the very best of services. 

Over the past week we've been trying out some of their popcorn flavours, it's been a tough job but someone had to do it. We were sent a selection of flavours, some classic favourites and some not so but we were willing to try them all and see what they were all like.

With my three children ready to help me out we set out a fun taste testing station where we filled small bowls with all the different flavours of popcorn to try. Some flavours were liked more than others but that comes down to the individuals personal tastes. The Toffee and Luxury Toffee were a huge hit but everyone loves Toffee popcorn, right? The Sweet and Sweet & Salt were also delicious, I think they were the overall majority winner on the day.

The Cheddar Cheese and Coconut were not so popular but they were interesting to try. 

One thing that I can say though is whether we liked the flavour or not the overall popcorn quality was really good. Each bag was full of fresh popcorn coated well in it's flavour and tastes just as they should. One thing I liked was at the bottom of the bag there was lots of bits of broken popcorn but hardly and unpopped kernels like you find in some brands.

We have had a fantastic time testing out all the different Tommy Tucker popcorn flavours and have to say, it's been one of our favourite taste tests this year. We may not have any left now but they were fun and very yummy whilst they lasted. Thank you Tommy Tucker!

Disclosure: We received our samples for free in return for an honest review.

We've been Shopping at the Wicked Uncle Christmas HQ! #Review

We've been Shopping at the Wicked Uncle 
Christmas HQ! 

Last week we went shopping at the Wicked Uncle Christmas HQ! Wicked Uncle is a wonderful website that helps you to find the right gift for the right person. It's all so easy to use and really works well. They have sections for every age, every theme and more.

You can narrow down your searches quickly and easily by selecting boys or girls and then their age or what they like. Finding a gift has never been easier and the range of gifts they have is very vast. There's something available to suit every budget, style and taste. 

When browsing the site I had three children in mind for the gifts I wanted to buy. A 3 year old boy, a 6 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. I didn't want to spend too much money as they are friends of my children, so I was looking for something fun yet reasonably priced.

My budget was £40 (which was kindly provided by Wicked Uncle) for me to try out the site. After a few quick searches and a few minutes research into what was my best choices, I had 3 little gifts to make up my 3 Christmas presents. I was very happy.

I choose 3 lovely torch sets in three different themes so that they would all have something different yet the same (If you know what I mean) I didn't want any arguments. I choose an Animal one, a Shark one and a Dinosaur one. They're all very sweet little gifts but not quite sweet enough so I also bought 3 little chocolate gifts to go with them which are lovely.

When the end of term comes and it's time to hand out our gifts, I know we're going to have three very happy children. Thanks to Wicked Uncle, I was able to search for the perfect gift quickly and easily. Their website is bright and well laid out and very easy to use so if you're looking for a gift for a child this year, maybe pop on over and have a look for yourself.

Disclosure: We received our samples for free in return for an honest review.