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Monday, 23 November 2015

Need a Little help this Christmas? I've found some lovely gifts for Children #ChristmasGiftGuide

Need a Little help this Christmas? 
I've found some lovely gifts for Children.

Having three children who are quite spread out, age wise. I know what it's like to struggle when it comes to finding the right gifts at Christmas time. I have two girls aged 8 and 12 and a little boy aged 5 so I have a huge struggle on my hands keeping them all happy.

I've got a few nice gift ideas to show you and there's something for all ages.

For The TeenagersPaul Frank Pyjamas are a range of cosy yet stylish pyjamas:

This Paul Frank Ladies Print PJ Nightwear Set costs around £25 and is available from I love this set as it's bright, funky and full of fun. The top is perfect for the colder nights coming up as it has long sleeves and the bottoms are well fitted with cuffed bottoms to keep the cold out too. The Paul Frank logo is nice and large in the top and printed all over the bottoms in smaller prints. These are now my favourite pyjamas ever, they're just so cute, I never want to take them off. They look great and feel so comfy on. For me these would make the perfect gift for my twelve year old girl who loves animals and bright colours. They'd make a cute but practical gift that would be loved and used.

For the Cuddle Monsters: Kuddleez Microwaveable Toys:

These Kuddleez Microwaveable Toys are lovely and perfect for the children in your life who love a cuddle. They'r from a company called The Heatpack Company and cost just £10 pounds each. There are three different ones so hopefully an animal to suit everyone. There's a grey Elephant, a brown Monkey and a purple Hippo. They're all very cute.  They're designed to bring comfort and warmth to your little ones and are perfect for snuggling up to at bedtime. Each one is both attractive to look at and soothing to hold providing kids with a safe alternative to hot water bottles. Each toy comes with its own removable wheaty pouch to put in the microwave and a colour box, making it an ideal gift.

For the Little Girls: Baby Born Interactive Doll + Mini Chou Chou Birdies Cuckoo clock.

The Baby Born Interactive doll is the original and well loved Baby Born doll. She comes with so many lovely accessories and has lots of great features without requiring batteries. She costs around £40 but is well worth the money as she's just such a loveable doll. She features eight life-like functions where she will drink, wet, go on her potty, cry, feed and open and close her eyes! She's even bathable and comes complete with 10 accessories. My little girl loves her Baby Born Interactive doll and plays with her almost every day. For little girls who love to play with dolls, this is a great one to go for this Christmas.

The Zapf Mini Chou Chou Birdies Cuckoo Clock House is a lovely little set perfect for girls who loves smaller dolls and playing with them in their own little houses and sets.
The Mini CHOU Chou dolls live in this charming little cuckoo clock-house, where they experience all kinds of fun things. The dial of the clock opens to 10.00 clock.
Window can be opened by pressing the chimney and the little dolls can sit on their garden terrace, climb the dial-balcony on the head or enjoy a little relax in the cosy nest. This set costs around £30 and includes the cuckoo clock house with lots of accessories and a mini CHOU CHOU doll Birdie and owl. It's a sweet little set perfect for play on the go as it's a great size to carry around with you when you may go out and about. The dolls are beautiful and the house is bright and cheerful. It really is a lovely little play set that made me smile.

That's four nice gift ideas that will hopefully help someone out this Christmas and won't break the bank. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make your children happy.

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