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My Family

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Messy Bloggers have Messy Children ..

Messy Bloggers have Messy Children .. 

Messy Bloggers have Messy Children or at least this one does so when AO announced their 30 Days of Mess, we just had to join in. There's 30 tips to choose from or have a go at so we've chosen number 7: Gardening as my little man loves getting his hands dirty.

My Dad is a very keen gardener and now grows a lot of his own fruit and veg which Ryan loves picking and eating but occasionally planting too depending on what there is. Ryan's not afraid to get his hands dirty, in fact, he loves helping his Granddad in the garden.

Just look at those hands, bless him. He'd just helped his Granddad plant lots of new seeds in the garden. There were some Sunflowers seeds and Carrots if I remember rightly. I'm not sure if it's the actual gardening that he loves or just the getting messy part as he's forever getting messy even when we're not gardening but I wouldn't want him any other way.

He's helped his Granddad grow lots of delicious strawberries,

and lots of spicy chilli peppers. These are only for Granddad to eat though as they're too hot for Ryan. Nanny uses them for spicing up her curies which makes Granddad very happy.

Granddad's very clever and has grown his own Blueberries which taste great in Nanny's muffins and there's even a wild Blackberry bush at the bottom of the garden too.

There's never a dull moment in Nanny and Granddads garden which is why Ryan loves visiting so much. If he's not planting something, he's picking something or eating it.

Ryan loves to get messy and I'm not going to stop him. Getting messy is the best part of being a child. It's through play and mess that he's going to grow and learn for himself.

I'm a Messy Blogger with a very Messy but Happy Child!

Disclosure: This is my entry into the AO Messy Bloggers Competition
If you have a Messy child why not pop over and check out their activities to join in too and if you like our entry you can vote for it whilst you are that, we'd really appreciate that.


  1. Fun! My son is the opposite. Can't stand having his hands daughter. Its my daughter who is the messy one.. Very messy!

    1. Aww bless, my daughter is the clean one in our house lol x