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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Frozen Fever continues ... Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag #Review

The Frozen Fever continues ... 
Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag

Frozen Fever is far from over in our house. In fact, this week, it's been more crazy than ever. We've been sent a rather exciting Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag from HTI.

My Lily (aged 8) is totally Frozen mad, she's forever dressing up as her favourite Frozen queen - Elsa and belting out the oh too well know tune 'Let It Go' at the top of her lungs.So when this new bag (Lily loves bags) arrived, she was over the moon with excitement.

This is the only Disney Frozen bag that can magically transform to match any outfit! I wasn't sure how this was going to work but it really does! You simply place the enchanting Disney Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag over your favourite outfit and press the magical snowflake button to be astonished as the bag slowly changes colour to match your outfit. The incredible Disney Frozen Colour Match Snowflake bag can match over 100 colours! 

We tried this out for ourselves by placing the bag against all the different coloured materials that we could find. Blankets, clothes, doors etc. You name it, we tried it! 

We're happy to say that it does work and the bag does change colour to match whatever colour you put it next to. The only colours we couldn't get it to work on were dark colours like brown and black. We found that when we tried it against these two colours it struggles and turned itself off. Maybe they were just too dark for the sensors? Either way, we didn't mind as the lighter colours were much prettier and happier anyway and Lily loves her new bag.

There isn't a huge amount of space inside the bag but it's just the right size for carrying around those girly essentials like money, jewelry and hair accessories (In Lily's case).

Lily's been dressing up in her Elsa dress and prancing around our home with her new bag quite happily this week. She's all set for her very own Magical Moment on our upcoming outing to see Disney On Ice where of course her favourite characters will be included. 

She's very excited as her new bag will not only match her dress perfectly but the lights will dazzle and glitter away, lighting up her night. She really does love this bag a lot.

The Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag retails at around £24.99 which is a really good price for a pretty bag that changes colour too. It would make the perfect Christmas gift for any little Frozen fan. Not only is it useful but it's pretty magical and pretty too.

Disclosure: We received a sample in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and entirely my own.

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