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My Family

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Halloween Craft Fun with Hobbycraft #Review

Halloween Craft Fun with Hobbycraft

Last night I held my breath and set up a Halloween crafting activity for the kids. That might sounds pretty normal to most people but it's not for me (trust me). Anyone who knows me will know that I hate crafts. I have huge issues with mess and messy things so crafting time doesn't happen very often in our house. Don't get me wrong, my kids love crafting but it normally takes place outside of my house, at Granny's or anywhere except my home is fine.

So, as I was saying before my "I hate mess" rant. Yesterday we actually spent an hour or so making some Halloween decorations with a crafting hamper we received from the lovely people from Hobbycraft. Inside the hamper was a Bumper Craft Tub filled with all sorts from pom poms to shiny stars. Pipe cleaners to felt sheets and so much more.

All three of my children really enjoyed making their own little decorations for our Happy Halloween Wall which we were going to create. They decorated spooky masks with glitter and sequins and created creepy crawly spiders out of foam balls and pipe cleaners. They made hanging decorations with cardboard and string and put together some bunting too.

It was really nice to see them getting creative and having some fun. They actually all got along, there was no fighting, no shouting, no crying - just giggles and happiness.

We put all of our creepy creations together to make our very own wall display.

So thank you Hobbycraft for our fun crating creations and Happy Halloween Everyone.

Disclosure: We received our samples in return for an honest review.

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