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My Family

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Birmingham is such an Exciting place to live, Full of #HiddenGems.

Birmingham is such an Exciting place to live,
Full of #HiddenGems.

I've been lucky enough to live in Birmingham all my life and have to say, I do love it here. I love the hustle and bustle of the big city, the exciting nightlife when the sun goes down and the huge choice of flavorsome food. Not to mention the shopping culture, Birmingham has it all. Being a big city girl is great, for me it's a way of life that I love and wouldn't want to change for the world. I might change my views when I'm a (lot) older, but for now, I'm happy.

Although I love all of the above, very much so! I do also like some of the quieter, more peaceful joys that Birmingham has to offer. Birmingham is full of beautiful parks, Nature Reserves and lots of generally (unnoticed) untouched spots full of nature. For me, these are my hidden gems. It's these wonderful places that allow me to think freely, to enjoy life at it's simplest and best of all, to enjoy the little pleasures that the world has to offer. 

My hidden gem would have to be Sutton Park. As a family it's a place that's special to us. We spend so much time there, come rain or shine. Not only does it have 2 fabulous children's play areas (one at each side) but it's so much more than just a play area. 

We've enjoyed many a picnic there in the Summer and often feed the ducks all year round.

There's lots of ducks, cheeky geese beautiful and swans to feed and admire. 

There's streams to paddle in and puddles to jump in.

With so many hills it's the perfect place for scooting fun, although I'm terrified to watch.

My little man loves to climb the trees, Sutton Park sure isn't short of those. 

Sutton Park is such a beautiful place, which we get to enjoy all year round. We're so lucky to live nearby to sure a hidden gem. Sometimes when you live in a big city like Birmingham, you forget about the little things that can bring you just as much joy for free. My family and I love our visits to Sutton Park, there's always something to do there. Whether we're picking conkers in the Autumn or looking for squirrels in Winter. Playing hide and seek in the Spring or paddling in the steams in Summer. The fun we have there is truly endless.

So, there you have it. That's my hidden gem of Birmingham. It may not be on top of most visiting peoples lists of 'Things to do' but that's OK as it's always at the top of ours.

Maybe the next time your staying over in Birmingham, you might check out our hidden gem for yourself?  Travelodge have lots of Birmingham hotels to choose from which could be perfect for your stay. Whatever you decide to do in Birmingham, I hope you have fun!

Disclosure: I wrote this post in association with Travelodge and their #HiddenGems challenge. My post is written by me about the things I love in Birmingham.

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