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My Family

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Wow what a night - War of the Worlds fireworks spectacular @DraytonManor

Wow what a night - War of the Worlds fireworks spectacular at Drayton Manor Park.

Last night was spent watching the most amazing fireworks display we have ever seen. 

We went to help Drayton Manor Theme Park close its spectacular 65th anniversary season with an ‘out of this world’ fireworks spectacular. The Staffordshire based attraction hosts an annual fireworks event, but this year it was set to be bigger and better than ever with the introduction of a War of the Worlds theme to really get visitors’ excited over the 3 nights. We were lucky enough to be there last night to enjoy the show first hand and we have to say, it was fantastic. The effects, the fireworks, just everything. Everything was perfect.

 The park was open as usual so that we could enjoy all our favourite rides throughout the day but then once the sun went down, everyone headed to the lake where we were all dazzled by a breath-taking War of the Worlds fireworks display. Set to the critically acclaimed soundtrack, lasers and bright lights filled the sky. The music, the visuals and the fireworks were stunning. I've never seen another display quite like this one before.

The show was fantastic and went on for a good 20 minutes. With spectacular water features and flashing lasers across the lake, there was plenty of 'Oooh's and 'Ahhh's from the crowds. There were a few loud unexpected bangs that really made us jump, just to take note for little ones. This show is far from the usual silent ones they do at Christmas time, it's full of noise, loud music and life. We all really enjoyed every minute of it, It was fantastic.

There's still two nights left if you would like to go along and see it for yourself. You can book tickets online at the website or by phone. All the details are here.

A few things to note if you are going along:
  • The fireworks begin at 8pm but the last admissions to the park are at 6pm. 
  • Some of the rides closed around 5pm, some more at 6pm but most remained open until 9pm. 
  • For the best view of the fireworks, if you can't get to the front of the lake. I'd recommend standing alongside the lake over by the Buffalo Rollercoaster as there's no bushes or trees over there to obstruct your view.
  • Be prepared for some loud noises, there were quite a few that even made me jump.
  • Hold onto little ones as it gets very busy. The crowds were huge so watch them close.
  • If you want to get out of the car park easier, head straight there once the show is over.
  • Last but not least, wrap up warm and have fun.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries x

Disclosure: We are Drayton Manor Ambassadors so gained access for free.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

It's Pumpkin Week at Hatton AdventureWorld .. We've Picked Ours! #Review

It's Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World .. 
We've Picked Ours!

From October 24th to November 1st 2015 it's happy pickings as it's Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World. We had such an amazing time last year that we just couldn't resist going again. I mean, who doesn't love picking pumpkins? We sure do.

Pumpkin Week isn't just about picking pumpkins, although that is lots of fun. There's so much more on offer, seeing as it's also Halloween Time. There's lots of fun yet spooky things goings on around the site. With many of the staff members dressed in fancy dress, they've gone to a real effort to impress their visitors. There was zombies and witches everywhere. They weren't too scary though so don't worry, your kids will be OK.

There were pumpkins everywhere, often stacked up spookily on hay stacks guarded by creep masked scarecrows. The kids all loved them, and climbing up on them.

There was a big Halloween themed board with holes to poke your head through. We had so much fun with this, the kids thought it was hilarious as they swapped places to try them all out. I haven't laughed so much in ages. They do make rather cute ghouls though.

Inside the Haunted House, for those who dared to enter were lots of real life ghouls and ghosts jumping out from the shadows to scare those passing through. All except one of mine (Lily) went through twice and found it great fun. Lily was a bit scared and decided to give it a miss, but that's OK. It is recommended for children over 8 and not for young children who might scare easily like my Lily who jumps at her own shadow.

Out on the Pumpkin Field there's pumpkins everywhere. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Most are orange but there are a few green looking ones left too. Lily went for the biggest one she could find as usual where as Ryan took over half an hour to inspect them all until he found the perfect one for him, boy that child is  a fussy one when it comes to picking pumpkins. They all looked the same to me, but what do I know.

As well as all the new Halloween themed things that were going on there was still the usual Hatton activities too. Laser Combat had to be done, my kids absolutely love this game. Everyone over the age of 8 can get a free game which is 100% worth playing. It's a fun filled 20 minutes of fun for all. I haven't plaid yet as I'm on Mummy duties looking after Ryan who's still too young to play but everyone else I know who has played has loved it.

We fed the animals, made sandcastles in the outdoor sandpit. Slid down the giant inflatable slide and climbed to the top of the inflatable pyramid mountain. We panned for gold and earned our medals, swung on the old fashioned swings and spent hours playing in the Super slide Mania. We checked out the snakes in the Scales and Tails area and cuddled the Guinea Pigs in the Guinea Pig Village. There's so much to see and do at Hatton.

We had an amazing day as usual but today our visit was made that little bit more special because we were joined by some lovely family friends and their children who were all first timers. I'm pretty sure they were impressed and will hopefully return themselves one day.

If you're looking for some Halloween fun, a place to pick pumpkins or just a place for a really good day out. Then Hatton Adventure World is certainly worth a visit, it's ace!

Disclosure: We received our visit today for free in return for an honest review but all the opinions expressed are 100% honest and entirely my own.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Disney On Ice 2015 at The Barclaycard Arena Birmingham. Our #Review.

Disney On Ice 2015 at The Barclaycard Arena
 Birmingham. Our Review.

As a first day of Half Term treat we all went along to see our local Disney On Ice showing at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham. You're never too old for Disney so we were all very excited. It's been a few years since we've been to see the show so we were looking forward to seeing how it's changed since the last time we went (which was back in 2012).

I hadn't told the kids before now as I'd wanted to keep it a surprise for as long as I could. I told them around an hour before it was time to go today but only because I wanted to give them a chance to get changed into their favourite character dressing up outfits if they wanted to. Of course they did, I kind of knew they would. They love dressing up.

I took an Instagram video of the moments after I told them, I think they were happy.

A video posted by christine taylor (@v82chris) on

Ryan got a little shy with the camera pointing at him but Lily was her usual excitable self as you can see. They were both delighted with the news and even Daddy was looking forward to it. Being huge Frozen fans, they were very much looking forward to seeing Elsa.

So with my very own Elsa and Captain America in tow, off we went to the show. We had really great seat about half way up in front of the stage. But from the way the Ice is laid out, I think you would get a pretty good view from where ever you were sitting in the arena.

I don't want to tell you too much about the show so I'll just share a few of my favourite pictures instead. I don't want to ruin the surprise if you're planning on going yourself.

We had an amazing time and loved the show. The costumes and dresses in particular were so beautiful and the skating itself was fantastic, we all had a wonderful time.

All three of my children, even the eldest who had protested about going as she thought she was 'told old for Disney' had a nice time. With popcorn in one hand and flashing wand lights in the other we had a wonderful night. The Disney On Ice show was amazing, everyone should go. If you get the chance, we would defiantly recommend that you do. It's ace!

The Disney On Ice show is traveling around the whole of the UK over the next few months so do have a look at their website to see when it's coming to a local arena near you.

We had a wonderful family day out and really enjoyed seeing the show.

Disclosure: We were given free tickets to attend the show in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Halloween Craft Fun with Hobbycraft #Review

Halloween Craft Fun with Hobbycraft

Last night I held my breath and set up a Halloween crafting activity for the kids. That might sounds pretty normal to most people but it's not for me (trust me). Anyone who knows me will know that I hate crafts. I have huge issues with mess and messy things so crafting time doesn't happen very often in our house. Don't get me wrong, my kids love crafting but it normally takes place outside of my house, at Granny's or anywhere except my home is fine.

So, as I was saying before my "I hate mess" rant. Yesterday we actually spent an hour or so making some Halloween decorations with a crafting hamper we received from the lovely people from Hobbycraft. Inside the hamper was a Bumper Craft Tub filled with all sorts from pom poms to shiny stars. Pipe cleaners to felt sheets and so much more.

All three of my children really enjoyed making their own little decorations for our Happy Halloween Wall which we were going to create. They decorated spooky masks with glitter and sequins and created creepy crawly spiders out of foam balls and pipe cleaners. They made hanging decorations with cardboard and string and put together some bunting too.

It was really nice to see them getting creative and having some fun. They actually all got along, there was no fighting, no shouting, no crying - just giggles and happiness.

We put all of our creepy creations together to make our very own wall display.

So thank you Hobbycraft for our fun crating creations and Happy Halloween Everyone.

Disclosure: We received our samples in return for an honest review.

The Frozen Fever continues ... Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag #Review

The Frozen Fever continues ... 
Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag

Frozen Fever is far from over in our house. In fact, this week, it's been more crazy than ever. We've been sent a rather exciting Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag from HTI.

My Lily (aged 8) is totally Frozen mad, she's forever dressing up as her favourite Frozen queen - Elsa and belting out the oh too well know tune 'Let It Go' at the top of her lungs.So when this new bag (Lily loves bags) arrived, she was over the moon with excitement.

This is the only Disney Frozen bag that can magically transform to match any outfit! I wasn't sure how this was going to work but it really does! You simply place the enchanting Disney Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag over your favourite outfit and press the magical snowflake button to be astonished as the bag slowly changes colour to match your outfit. The incredible Disney Frozen Colour Match Snowflake bag can match over 100 colours! 

We tried this out for ourselves by placing the bag against all the different coloured materials that we could find. Blankets, clothes, doors etc. You name it, we tried it! 

We're happy to say that it does work and the bag does change colour to match whatever colour you put it next to. The only colours we couldn't get it to work on were dark colours like brown and black. We found that when we tried it against these two colours it struggles and turned itself off. Maybe they were just too dark for the sensors? Either way, we didn't mind as the lighter colours were much prettier and happier anyway and Lily loves her new bag.

There isn't a huge amount of space inside the bag but it's just the right size for carrying around those girly essentials like money, jewelry and hair accessories (In Lily's case).

Lily's been dressing up in her Elsa dress and prancing around our home with her new bag quite happily this week. She's all set for her very own Magical Moment on our upcoming outing to see Disney On Ice where of course her favourite characters will be included. 

She's very excited as her new bag will not only match her dress perfectly but the lights will dazzle and glitter away, lighting up her night. She really does love this bag a lot.

The Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag retails at around £24.99 which is a really good price for a pretty bag that changes colour too. It would make the perfect Christmas gift for any little Frozen fan. Not only is it useful but it's pretty magical and pretty too.

Disclosure: We received a sample in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and entirely my own.

Monday, 19 October 2015

There's a New lovable Monster in town - Xeno Koopies #Review

There's a New lovable Monster in town 
- Xeno Koopies

There's a new lovable monster in town and he's sure making lots of noise. Meet the Xeno Koopies from Flair, the loveable yet cheeky little monsters who interact and play with you! 

They have glow in the dark eyes and a very tactile feel. They make over 70 different sounds and have 6 touch interactive sensors on their bodies. Xeno Koopies roll on the floor, bounce from one hand to another and can be squeezed and stretched. They like and dislike your music and love to eat; which occasionally leads them to let out a little burp or even parp. They are very sensitive little monsters, so don't shout at them or they'll get scared!

For enhanced interactivity, Xeno Koopies love to talk to their other Xeno friends - either another Koopie or a Xeno. You can download the free app to play additional games and explore Xeno Koopies world. Xeno Koopies are available in a variety of colours so collect them all. We've been playing with an orange one and here's what we thought.

Xeno Koopies are brightly coloured and feel kind of weird to touch. You can pull them, stretch them and pass them from hand to hand. They move around the floor or whatever surface you place them on using the vibrations that they make. They do like to make lots of noise, that's for sure. Some of the noises they make are rather strange and odd, they reminder me of a little grumpy old man. They make lots of random noise (not words) just noise. It's not very loud but it is quite repetitive. We wasn't quite sure what to make of them. 

Ryan, who's 5 seemed to like him but Ryan likes noisy toys that get on Mummy's nerves. Batteries are not included with this toy so you will need to buy some, I bought some cheap ones and have to tell you, that wasn't a good idea as they ran out after just one days use. There is an on/off switch at the bottom but even with it turned off for most of the day, our (cheaper alternative) batteries ran out very quickly which was very annoying for me.

The Xeno Koopies are noisy little monsters but they are very cute still. Ryan has enjoyed playing with him or using him to annoy Mummy (I should say) but either way I think he's taken a liking to it. I'm not sure if we would pay the retail price of £39.99 for one but that's a personal choice. If you like weird little noisy monsters, then this is one for you.

Disclosure: We were provided with our sample in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed within it are 100% honest and entirely my own.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Birmingham is such an Exciting place to live, Full of #HiddenGems.

Birmingham is such an Exciting place to live,
Full of #HiddenGems.

I've been lucky enough to live in Birmingham all my life and have to say, I do love it here. I love the hustle and bustle of the big city, the exciting nightlife when the sun goes down and the huge choice of flavorsome food. Not to mention the shopping culture, Birmingham has it all. Being a big city girl is great, for me it's a way of life that I love and wouldn't want to change for the world. I might change my views when I'm a (lot) older, but for now, I'm happy.

Although I love all of the above, very much so! I do also like some of the quieter, more peaceful joys that Birmingham has to offer. Birmingham is full of beautiful parks, Nature Reserves and lots of generally (unnoticed) untouched spots full of nature. For me, these are my hidden gems. It's these wonderful places that allow me to think freely, to enjoy life at it's simplest and best of all, to enjoy the little pleasures that the world has to offer. 

My hidden gem would have to be Sutton Park. As a family it's a place that's special to us. We spend so much time there, come rain or shine. Not only does it have 2 fabulous children's play areas (one at each side) but it's so much more than just a play area. 

We've enjoyed many a picnic there in the Summer and often feed the ducks all year round.

There's lots of ducks, cheeky geese beautiful and swans to feed and admire. 

There's streams to paddle in and puddles to jump in.

With so many hills it's the perfect place for scooting fun, although I'm terrified to watch.

My little man loves to climb the trees, Sutton Park sure isn't short of those. 

Sutton Park is such a beautiful place, which we get to enjoy all year round. We're so lucky to live nearby to sure a hidden gem. Sometimes when you live in a big city like Birmingham, you forget about the little things that can bring you just as much joy for free. My family and I love our visits to Sutton Park, there's always something to do there. Whether we're picking conkers in the Autumn or looking for squirrels in Winter. Playing hide and seek in the Spring or paddling in the steams in Summer. The fun we have there is truly endless.

So, there you have it. That's my hidden gem of Birmingham. It may not be on top of most visiting peoples lists of 'Things to do' but that's OK as it's always at the top of ours.

Maybe the next time your staying over in Birmingham, you might check out our hidden gem for yourself?  Travelodge have lots of Birmingham hotels to choose from which could be perfect for your stay. Whatever you decide to do in Birmingham, I hope you have fun!

Disclosure: I wrote this post in association with Travelodge and their #HiddenGems challenge. My post is written by me about the things I love in Birmingham.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

War of the Worlds Fireworks Spectacular comes to Drayton Manor Theme Park

War of the Worlds Fireworks Spectacular comes to Drayton Manor Theme Park

From Friday 30th October, to Sunday 1st November, Drayton Manor Theme Park will close its spectacular 65th anniversary season with an ‘out of this world’ fireworks spectacular.

The Staffordshire based attraction hosts an annual fireworks event; but this year it's set to be even bigger and better than ever with the introduction of a War of the Worlds theme to really get visitors’ spines tingling over the three nights. Once the sun has gone down, families will head to the lake where guests will be dazzled by a breath-taking War of the Worlds fireworks display. Set to the critically acclaimed soundtrack, and with a fantastic, colourful array of lights, this is set to be Drayton Manor’s most stunning yet.

For the younger visitors, there is the newly expanded Thomas Land which is home to over 25 rides and attractions based on the ever popular Thomas & Friends series, where families can enjoy a day out before heading to the main event. The fireworks will begin at 7pm ( last admission is 6pm ), and a whole host of rides will remain open afterwards until 9pm, so the thrills can continue late into the evening. Europe’s only stand-up rollercoaster, Shockwave, the drop-tower Apocalypse, and Air Race, which takes riders on an aerial adventure, will be amongst those open until late. How exciting is that! I know we're all excited here.

For further information about Drayton Manor Theme Park visit or call 0844 472 1950. For regular updates and news about Drayton Manor Theme Park you can follow them on their social media channels. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

As Drayton Manor Blogger Ambassadors we will be there checking out all the action on the first nights so that we can report back and tell you all about it. We can't wait, it's set to be an amazing night. We can't wait to ride the rides at night, it's going to be Roar-Some.

Friday, 9 October 2015

1 Product = 1 Donation! #FeelSuper with Superdrug and Help Marie Curie this month!

1 Product = 1 Donation! #FeelSuper with 
Superdrug and Help Marie Curie this month!

Feel Super this October with the Superdrug Feel Super campaign which is a partnership between Superdrug and P&G in support of Marie Curie, which, throughout 2015, aims to raise £100,000 for the charity. Supported by The Saturdays star and celebrity mum, Frankie Bridge, all the money raised from this campaign will go towards helping Marie Curie provide expert care, guidance and support to people with a terminal illness and their families. Marie Curie Nurses work night and day, either in people’s homes or in one of the charity’s nine hospices, providing hands-on care and vital emotional support to those that need it.
Donations to the charity will be triggered via product purchases made in-store and online at From September 23rd to October 20th, when you buy a P&G product, including brands such as Max Factor, Olay or Gillette, from Superdrug, your purchase will make a donation to Marie Curie. Remember 1 product = 1 donation.

It's a lovely campaign helping a great cause. You can also join in by sharing a #feelsuper Selfie on Twitter using the hashtag. Each Feel Super Selfie will again = another donation.

So, go on - Take your selfie and join in today - It's all for a great cause!

Monday, 5 October 2015

10 Weird little things that make me, ME!

10 Weird little things that make me, ME! 

This is ME, your average looking 33 year old woman and Mother of 3. On the outside I'm pretty normal but don't be fooled by my appearance. Watching an airplane fly overhead this morning, I randomly got thinking about all the weird little things I do every single day.

  1. I NEVER eat the top slice of bread from a loaf, I always take the 3rd slice down.
  2. Whenever I see an airplane fly over me, I bless myself and wish those on it a 'safe journey' in my head of course - I wouldn't say it out loud (that would be weird).
  3. Before I go to bed, I check the front door handle to make sure it's locked even if I've just seen someone lock it - I have to double check it for myself or I can't sleep.
  4. I still walk on every 'two drains' together and believe it will bring me good luck.
  5. I NEVER walk under ladders, I will always walk the long way round - Eeek.
  6. I say a prayer in my head every time I see a funeral car go past me in the street.
  7. If I'm feeling in need of luck, I kiss my necklace which is a silver four leaf clover.
  8. I am a BIG believer in karma, I won't even drop a piece of rubbish on the floor in case something bad happens because I have done so. It has to go in a bin!
  9. I won't drink fizzy pop if the bottle has been open for more than a day - Eww.
  10. I cross and uncross my fingers 3 times if I walk under a sign - I have no idea why.
There, that's 10 weird little things that I do. Reading them back - Yes I am kinda weird but it's these little things that make me, ME so I wouldn't change any of them for the world.

Do you have any weird little things that you do? I'd love to know x

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet #Review

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet 

This week, we welcomed a new pet into our family. Meet Charlie, our new CleverKeet. Luckily for me, Charlie isn't a 'real' pet although he does make enough noise like a real one. He keeps the kids happy without having to be fed or cleaned or groomed which is great.

This Little Live Pet Cleverkeet from Character Options is an all singing, all dancing, all talking, interactive pet bird! Cleverkeet is just like a real bird only smarter. 

He talks, sings, dances and swings. He responds to your voice and you can teach him to speak. You can even ask him questions and he will respond to you. Make sure you feed him when he's hungry and play music to watch him dance along to the beat. You can sit and swing him on the perch or you can even detach the perch and carry him around!

This Little Live Pet Cleverkeet set contains; A Clever Keet bird, a playground, a cart, an instruction booklet and an adoption certificate and is aimed at children aged 5 years and over. We've been having a play with one this week and have to say it's much more entertaining than we had thought it would be. Our Charlie, which is what we've named our new pet talks a lot and sure likes to dance. If he's not dancing, he's talking and if he's not talking, he's dancing. There's several areas of his playground that have interactive points on so you can move him around to activate different motions, phrases and actions.

At his food bowls he will move back and forth in a feeding motion so it really looks as if he's eating his food. At the mirror he plays music and dances along in his own funky way. On his cart he moves in a rocking motion allowing him to push himself along in it and on his swing he happily swings backwards and forwards. He sure does like his playground habitat.

Ryan, my youngest (aged 5) loves him. He's been really intrigued by the things that he says. He comes out with the most random phrases sometimes but that's what make it so funny. Ryan likes it when he dances along to music and loves watching him swing. 

Our Little Live Pet Cleverkeet Charlie has settled in really well over the past week. I think Ryan has taken quite a liking to him and hopefully they will become the best of friends.

Charlie our CleverKeet is fun, witty and very entertaining and unlike a real bird, we don't have to worry about feeding him or cleaning up after him. And he won't fly away if leave the windows open - Not that a real one of ours has, we've never owned a real bird.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and entirely my own.