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My Family

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

So, Today we took part in the Choc Nibbles Summer Blogger Challenge ..

So, Today we took part in the Choc Nibbles 
Summer Blogger Challenge ...

A few weeks back we were set a challenge by a lovely company called Choc Nibbles. Our challenge was to create a frozen dessert using their delicious chocolaty treats as a core ingredient within it. It's been a tough week thinking about what we wanted to make but we got there in the end. Each of us added an idea of what we would like to include and then blended them all together to make one rather exciting, yet unique desert for us all.

We started with our main ingredient, our 7 bags of assorted flavoured Choc Nibbles, which were pretty tasty even if I do say so myself. We had a quick try of all of the flavours before we got started purely for testing purposes of course. My Lily (Aged 8) Loves Mint so the Mint ones went down a treat with her. My eldest (aged 12) loved the original ones whereas I really enjoyed the toffee crumble and choc orange flavoured, they were yummy.

Ryan, my youngest loves his fruit so he wanted to add some fresh berries into our treat so we headed out into the garden to pick our own. We picked a nice selection of fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, the colours were wonderful and so pretty.

So with our home grown berries and Choc Nibbles all ready we got to work on our desert. We all love Baked Alaska so we decided to focus on that but with our own berries and choc nibbles ice cream surprise. We were very excited about making it but we have to admit it was a little 'make it up as we went along' style but it was fun so that made it all okay.

We couldn't all decide on what type of base to use as everyone wanted something different so in the end we managed to narrow it down to two. With a sprinkle of fresh berries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We then sprinkled a dusting of delicious Choc Nibbles powder and covered in some freshly whipped, home made meringue. 

To finish off, we added a different flavour of our Choc Nibbles to the top of each one so that when they were baked they would melt into our deserts bringing their flavours to life. The exciting thing was that when they were baked, we wouldn't know which flavour we'd get.

Da Dah! Check out our Berry Baked Alaska's with a Choc Nibbles Ice Cream Surprise!

They were delicious. Oh My God, did they taste good. Everyone loved our frozen desert, with the blend of delicious melted chocolate and ice cream mixed with the sweetness of the fresh berries and the crisp meringue. It really was an amazing desert, everyone was happy.

We had so much fun making our Choc Nibbles frozen dessert and think we successfully completed our blogger challenge - what do you think? Did we do okay?

Choc Nibbles are delicious and great for eating alone or baking with as we found out. There's a whole range of delicious flavours just waiting to be explored.

Disclosure: We received our Choc Nibbles samples in order to take part in this challenge. All the ideas and opinions are entirely our own.

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