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My Family

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Count your Blessing with Every Sunset #MyRelaxationMantra

Count your Blessing with Every Sunset 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am NOT a morning person. In fact, I'm quite the opposite. My morning are usually consist of me screaming "where's your shoes?" and "Get your jacket on" There's lots to do in the morning when there's three of them and one of me.

Although my days start off stressful, I tend to mellow out as they go on. As each day progresses I remember to breathe and count my blessings with every sunset.

Sunsets are simply stunning. They're always bright and beautiful, each one even more beautiful than the one before. They're definatley my favourite time of day.

I wrote a little poem to try and put into words, how they make me feel.

"Even when the days seems long and nothings gone your way
Don't forget to stop a while and breathe at the end of the day.
Look up at the sky and think for a moment, appreciate what you've got
Count your blessings with each sunset, each ones means a lot.

Beautiful colours, bright and bold
Always a stunning sight to behold.
Natural, silent and calming, they don't cost you anything but time
But look at all the simple joy they bring, with thoughts of what is mine.

Three beautiful children, all happy, safe and well
A comfortable home, with warmth, love and doorbell.
Food on our table and nice clothes on our backs
sometimes we forget and get lost in our tracks.

So next time the sun is going down, pause and look up at the sky
Be glad for what you do have and forget the but's and why?
Count your blessings with every sunset, and let go of all the sadness
For tomorrow is another day - let's fill it up with gladness."

I love watching the sun go down, it really helps to clear my mind. It makes all the things I've been worrying or stressing about feel so insignificant and silly. Looking up at the night sky in all it's natural splendor, makes my grateful for everything that I do have in this life.

I've written this post as my #MyRelaxationMantra competition entry into the SpaSeekers competition. I'd love a night away in a lovely spa. It's every busy mummies dream to get away for a night and stay in a posh spa hotel, just imagine all that pampering.

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