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My Family

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Playing Outside this Summer with Thanks to Home Bargains #Review

Playing Outside this Summer with 
Thanks to Home Bargains

The Summer holidays can be very long when your children are 'bored' with nothing to play with so when the lovely people of Home Bargains offered to send us some fun summer toys we jumped at the chance. I mean, who doesn't love fun, summer toys? I know we do.

Our parcel contained lots of wonderful things, from swimming aids to bat and ball games. Sunglasses to Bug catchers. There was a little something for everyone to have fun with. 

I took our box of garden goodies along to a family party we attended last weekend so we could share out the fun. They came in very handy keeping the children entertained leaving the adults to have a chat and long needed catch up. The Bug Catching toys were very popular, all the children wanted a go using them. They caught a lady bird which was great fun and went hunting for worms to catch too but luckily (for me) they didn't find any.

The bat and ball game was fun but the Sticky catch game was better. Being sticky makes it easier to catch and having a larger surface to catch with made it great for the smaller ones.

We didn't have enough wind to get our Foil Kite up off the ground but it did look like it would have been lots of fun if we had. The design itself looks very clever and looked great.

The flashing Yoyo was a bit up and down. With the younger children it was mainly down but again they had great fun trying it out. Last but not least there was some swimming goggles and inflatable arm bands which were great for looking under the water in the paddling pool. 

It's a good job I managed to take a picture of our toys when they arrived as I totally forgot to take pictures of them being played with. They did such a great job of entertaining the children at the party that Mummy ( I ) got to relax and enjoy a glass of wine or two with the family. We had a wonderful time at the party and the Home Bargains toys really made the kids day special. Everyone of them had something to play with and hardly moaned at all.

The range of toys was really good, there was lots for both boys and girls. The Bug Catching ones were the most popular I think as all the children had a great time with them.

I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of them in use but I can tell you that they served their purpose well and kept all the children at the party entertained, all day long.

Disclosure: We received our samples in return for an honest review.

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