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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Flair's New Cool Create Frozen Range .. #Review

Flair's New Cool Create Frozen Range

My little Frozen fans have been having great fun this week with some new Cool Create products from Flair. Anna and Else took over our home last year and have been here ever since. We have the toys, the bedding, the dinner plates and bottles and so much more. 

If it has Anna, Elsa or Olaf on the front - My kids want it!

This week we've been trying out two new products from Flair's Cool Create range. First up we had the Frozen Fairy Lights set which allows your children to create their very own fairy lights to light up their rooms with Elsa's magical, glam style. They can choose the themed shapes and designs that they like and use the pen and stickers to decorate them. They then fit each light into a hand made shade and switch them on to see their paper sculptures magically light up their nights. Every girl loves magical fairy lights and my Frozen fans really loved these Frozen themed ones. You get everything you need inside the box to make one set of fairy lights perfect for hanging around a mirror or across the side of the top bunk like mine have. Where ever they decide to hang them, they will be loved and enjoyed by all.

The fairy lights are really easy to decorate and put together, Lily (aged 8) did most of ours all by herself. The recommended age is 6 years and over which I think is about right. Pushing out the paper cutouts got a little fiddly but with a little help from Mum we managed.

There's lots of different sheets with different designs to choose from, there's also some blank ones incase they want to decorate their own from scratch. There's lots of little gemstones to stick on and a whole sheet of pretty Frozen stickers they can add on too.

Lily enjoyed making her fairy lights, I'm glad they were easy to do as it's much more rewarding for her when she can complete a project like this on her own. Our Frozen fairy lights now hang wrapped around the wood on their top bunk and do look rather pretty.

It's a nice simple set that will please any Frozen fan. It doesn't take long to complete and can only really be used once but you do get a lovely set of fairy lights to keep and use forever. Lily and I had fun making them and Lily loves them now that they twinkle over her.

The second set we've been trying is the Frozen Shaker Maker (Elsa & Anna). 

We'd seen these on the TV before, the Shaker Maker sets but not this one in particular and they have looked like good fun. Shake it, make it, paint it - they say. So today, that's what we did. The Frozen Shaker Maker is a creative sculpture kit to make and paint amazing detailed statuettes of Elsa and Anna. Again, a big hit with my little Frozen fans here.

The first thing I have to say about this set is how amazed I was at the ease of use and total lack of mess that I had been expecting. In fact, this set produced two amazing sculptures in very little time with very little effort and practically no mess at all - I was well happy.

You simply pour some warm water into one half and then tip the power into it. Pop the ball together and shake for 30 seconds and leave for 90 minutes. That was it - wow.

Once the 90 minutes wait was up, you simply squeezed the mould and out popped the sculpture all pretty and detailed and ready to paint. Having two sculptures was great as I have two girls who were both very eager to paint one - so one each was perfect.

The paints were of a good quality and the brush was perfect for the job at hand. Paining them was much harder than making them. My girls did their best which was good enough for me. They may not quite look like the ones shown on the box but we were happy.

Out of the two sets I think the Frozen Shaker Maker one was our favourite the experience lasted a little longer than with the first one. The only downside is, you only get enough stuff inside the box to make two and we now want to make lots, lots more. I think we're going to have to buy ourselves a few more of these sets as they really were very good.

Both sets were fun to make and we did enjoy doing them all. The Cool Create range is great for the crafters and the makers of the family. Whilst keeping them entertained and busy for a while, they also made some nice little keepsakes for them to hold onto afterwards.

The Cool Create range includes so many more characters other than Frozen within the range but as Frozen fans both the sets we tried got a firm thumbs up from all of us here.

Disclosure: We received our samples in return for an honest review.

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