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My Family

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Cooking from Scratch & Getting the Children Involved..

Cooking from Scratch & Getting the Children Involved.. 

Many of the little jobs you do when cooking from scratch can really appeal to your children, and it can help instil a lifelong interest in cooking and eating good food. However, the handing down of cooking skills seems to be declining in our current day which is very sad.

Riverford Organic Farms are trying to celebrate the fun that can be had when cooking with children and want you to share images and videos of you cooking with your kids (or nephews, nieces, grandchildren!) over the summer holidays, along with any tips you might have to really get them stuck in. You can send them via their social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube), using the hashtag #cooktogether and they will appear in their feed at Cook Together – there’s more details on how to do this on their competition page. There are lots of lovely prizes up for grabs too for everyone who gets involved!

We were very excited about the competition and decided to get involved. Riverford kindly sent us one of their Quick Recipe Boxes so that we could join in the family cooking fun.

Ryan (5) my youngest loves to help in the kitchen although sometimes he can be more of a  hinder than help. He was very excited when our Recipe Box arrived and he couldn't wait to get stuck in. We had everything we needed to make three meals from scratch inside our box and it did look amazing, full of fresh organic produce just waiting to be cooked.

Ryan loves chicken so we went for the Yakitori chicken skewers with black rice, ginger & sesame salad. We've never tried black rice before so we were very excited. Together we followed the easy to read step by step instruction card and got to work. We chopped, (I chopped) mixed, stirred (he stirred) and laughed a lot as we went along.

Ryan's favourite part was being on sesame seed duty. He'd never seen raw sesame seeds like these before so thought they were very funny. He got to pour them into the pan, which I then roasted and watched over for him as he's a bit little to be near the oven but he did get to sprinkle them all into the salad bowl once they were cooked which he loved doing.

Ryan wasn't too keen on touching the raw chicken pieces so I had to do the skewer part but he did enjoy watching. Ryan was in charge of the mixing bowl, stirring it like crazy.

Ryan and I had a great time in the kitchen yesterday, it went much better than I'd thought it would. In fact, it went so well that we might be making these cooking sessions a regular thing. I think I'd got so caught up in our busy lives that I'd forgotten how much fun cooking with the children could be. Ryan really enjoyed spending some quality time with me and doing something different together. I have have two other children waiting for their turn.

Want to see our finished meal? Well, here it is -

It's not what we would normally eat but it was delicious. That may be because we cooked it or just that trying something new was so much more exciting. Either way, Ryan and I had a blast and will be doing it again real soon. Yummy food made our way and enjoyed together!

Disclosure: We received our Recipe Box to help us join in the Riverford campaign but all the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own and 100% honest.


  1. Aww sounds like you did the most awesome thing,had fun when you didn't expect to!! Here's to many more cooking adventures on yr blog! @msedollyp

    1. We sure did and it's always great when that happens :)
      I'm not sure what we'll cook next, Ryan has requested a chinese stir fry lol x