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Friday, 21 August 2015

Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny #Review

Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny

The Clangers are back! You may have seen my post back in June letting you all know the Clangers were back in stores from July 1st. If not you can check it out here. They've been back for several weeks now and I'm excited to now show you another one of them.

I'm pleased to introduce you to the Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny. This musical Starlight Tiny Clanger will help your children relax and send them to sleep. It's simple to use, you simply press Tiny's tummy and she will play you a lullaby. She will also create a gentle starlight effect in her tummy that will reflect on the ceiling and gently fade away.

She's a really sweet toy that doubles as a nightlight. She is brought to you by Character Options and will costs you around £24.99. I loved the Clangers when I was little and am happy to now introduce them to my children, hoping that they will love them too.

Our Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny is currently lying in my bed having a snooze. Yes, you heard me right, she's in my bed, well at least for tonight anyway. My girls and I have come to an agreement that we'd share her and have her for one night each so that we could all have a cuddle and enjoy her company at night time, she's just so squishy.

We love our Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny. She's soft, cuddly and really cute. Her lullaby is  soothing and not too loud and her little light up tummy is bright and pretty. We love her and hope all the other Changers fans out there will love her just as much as we do.

Disclosure: We received our Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny in return for an honest review.

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