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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Barbie Glitter Hair Doll #Review

Barbie Glitter Hair Doll 

Meet Barbie Glitter Hair Doll from Mattel - She's glam, trendy and lots of fun. 
Your young stylists can create lots of different glittery looks for their Barbie doll using this glamorous glitter hairstyling set. It's unique adhesive design sheets and glitter sheets allow your creative expression to sparkle. We've been playing with our very own Barbie Glitter Hair Doll this week and have to say she's pretty cool. If your little ones love glitter, getting messy and doing dolls hair then this one is a must for them.

The doll itself is very pretty, she comes wearing a pink fitted top with sparkly blue skirt. She comes with lots of accessories, there's 7 glitter sheets, several sheets of adhesive designs, a comb, 2 x hair clips and lots of elastic to tie her hair up with. She also comes with a large hair clip for using when styling her hair so you do get lots in the box for your money.

To put a design onto her hair you use the large clip I mentioned above to separate the section of hair you wish to do and hold it in place so that it's nice and straight. We found that the straighter her hair was in the clip, the better the design came out afterwards.

Once you have the hair ready you then select an adhesive design and press it on to the hair. Press it down onto the hair quite firmly to make sure it all transfers over and then remove the paper backing leaving just the glue on her hair. Next you choose a glitter sheet which you then press down on to the adhesive design to transfer the sparkle onto your Barbie doll's hair! The one shown above I did which is why it's quite neat, Lily did have several goes too but hers weren't so clear as she found it quite difficult to do at times. That didn't stop her having fun with her doll though as she liked adding more glitter free hand. 

It can get a bit messy at times as there is glitter involved but it's normal and it's easy enough to wipe away afterwards. Lily loves her Barbie dolls so this one is no different and has now been happily added to her Barbie doll collection. If your little girl loves barbie dolls, I'm sure she'll love this one just as much. The hair is nice and long and easy to do. Adding glitter to doll's hair is what most little girls dreams are made of, or at least Lily's are.

Lily and I really liked the Barbie Glitter Hair Doll. She comes nicely dressed, ready to party and loves having her hair styled over and over again. The designs are easily removed by washing the hair with warm soapy water which makes her very reusable.

Disclosure: We received a sample in return for an honest review.

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